Busy Busy 24th

posted on: 7.28.2008

We had such a fun, busy, & festive 24th! We started out the day with breakfast at Pancake House- a family favorite! Followed by the gateway fountains, sugarhouse park to feed the ducks, crown burger for some dinner, and cottonwood heights for fireworks!
Let's just say the theme for the weekend was: Frightful.
Although I think she loved being "out in the crowd", Tate was scared of the fountains, the ducks and the fireworks! Geez, grow up Tate.
( Dad, you look hot in this picture! Aren't you glad we dragged you out?)

Wyatt and I at Cottonwood Heights- our new favorite spot for the 24th! They've got a parade, food & games for kids- Thanks for the tip Jenny. We'll be going back next year!

We wanted to cool off and we thought Tate would love the gateway fountains? This is about as close as she got to getting wet. Maybe next time ah? We did spot a star though... Sabra from SYTYCD was walking into Urban- woo woo!

(notice her death grip on Wyatt's arm)
I don't blame her for being afraid of the ducks- these guys were SUPER friendly! I even ended up running to the car because they were chasing me down! I seriously hate ducks. Cute animals, but not so much. (maybe the fact that I got bit in the neck when I was little has something to do with it?) Good thing for Dad's though. She can always count on Wy! The day before I took Tate to the petting zoo with Sammy and London. It was really fun- super hot. I did feel bad for the animals ( I know can you believe it?), they didn't seem happy though. Once again... afraid. Tate sat on the horse for about .3 seconds and then she was over it! It could have been the 100 degree heat too? For heavens sake, is it ever going to cool down!!

Tate and London discussing about which animals to see next (I'm guessing?) Who knows what all their jibber-jabber means!

best friends already! okay, so cute.

Since Sam and I were sweating like animals outside, we decided to go in and get some icecream. This was the closest thing we could order... a brownie sundae! Hey, I won't ever complain about that. I know they look like zombies in this picture, but they were actually very excited about their dessert.

I love when we have packed weekends, full of activities, and being with friends and family every day. Friday night we even got to hang out with our best "long lost" friends Cassi & Jo and their brother Parker and his darling fiance Alex. They've been living in Boston for the past 4 years and we never get to see them :( We had such a fun time going to Sushi and icecream. We closed down Iceberg... once again. The last time we were at Iceberg together was 6 years ago when me and Cass had just met Wyatt and Jo. I wished they lived here so so so bad. I just forget how nice it is to have your best friend here ready to chat and reminisce whenever. I think when you get older you can never take for granted the good friends you have. They are irreplaceable. I always end up exhausted from laughing so hard with her! I can't wait until we can all live in the same state again.

Stay tuned for pics from "The Rage" with the Horsley's too... told you it was a busy weekend!


  1. i love so much that london and taters are bff! this was an awesome weekend....7 peaks here we come!

  2. Love the pics. I need to download mine. If it makes you feel better my dad's friend brought over his horse to the cabin for London to ride...and she totally freaked out and started crying. Even when my dad was on the horse, she would not get on. I think it is so funny how they change from day to day. I guess she had a bad experience on the pony.

    We had so much fun. We need to do it again. London keeps looking at the pics saying Tate, Tate, Tate...

  3. Fun!! My mom said C. Heights is the best! I love the pic of you & Wyatt...it should be an engagement picture it's so perfect! Ok and that is big time about Sabra...I love SYTYCD!! What the, duck biting you on the neck...crap, I'm afraid too now!
    p.s. It was so fun hanging out the other night! Love ya!

  4. K Tate!! Are you serious? She's so cute. She seems to have grown up a lot since I've seen her. And her hair looks super blonde! It's so cute!! You and Wyatt and super sexy as well. I'll see you in three and a half weeks. You guys are going to Sun Valley right? You better be! Love you guys!

  5. What a fun weekend! We are so jealous you got to hang out with Cass and Jo before they left! If only we were here to join in the fun!

  6. so cute...so we can see the fireworks from my house at cottonwood heights, they are great!! i wish i could have been there for girls night, we went out of town at the last second!! next time

  7. So cute! I love the picture of you and Wyatt. What a stunning couple. Brats. And I love the pictures of Tate clinging to Wyatt. I think it's so cute how kids know that they are safe with their papas. Darling. Love it.

  8. Hey there! Ok so I just finished Kite Runner & you were right..."it's heavy!" It was so good though!! I mean I just wanted to hug Sohrab & adopt him too! ;)So ?...should I go to Thousand Splendid or should I move to something different for a minute? What do you think about some of us play group girls (or whoever) doing a book club? I'm thinkin' about it but don't know if that would interest anyone?

  9. Hey cute girl. I love all your pics. You and Wy and Tate are the cutest little family ever. I was readying one of your posts that said miss Tate chipped her tooth, well I have felt your pain. When Gabey Baby was one he chipped both front teeth in the bath tub. I took him to our dentist and they shaved them and now you can't even tell it happened and let me tell you before they shaved them he looked like snagle tooth. So don't worry! lex

  10. I can't believe you left a comment on MY blog. I feel so lucky. Thank you for your kind works. I will pass them on to Dru. Your blog is always so fun to look at. Now that the cat is outta the bag that Megan and I are always checking it out, I don't feel so guilty. Hope your last month of summer is fun.
    Jenny Martin


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