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posted on: 6.10.2008

My mom is dying for a new post... mostly of Tate. So, here are some of the funny things she's been doing lately.
Cheese! Tate has learned to point to her her cheeks (sometimes chin) when I have the camera out. If I say cheese, she knows just what to do and cheese's it up for me. It's so funny, it's so her.

This day in particular she LOVED her outfit. As soon as I put this dress on her, she twirled back and forth holding the ruffles! This is also the day she learned how to do "cheese". I think the first provoked the second. She knew she looked cute, so she wanted to cheese it up for the camera. ALL day.

Really, all day....

Of course, I obliged- how could I say no to those eyes?!

Why do I need to take her to a water park when Smith's Marketplace is up the street? They had plenty fountains to play in! While I was picking out flowers, Tate was splashing in the fountains. She started out just dabbling her fingers, then splashing, then really splashing, and by the end she was soaked! People were laughing at her as they walked in, because she was so excited about it. Not to mention, it was getting cold and started to rain! She didn't care though- she just kept on performing! I didn't care because I was getting my stuff done, and she was having a blast.
As soon as I got the camera out she really got into "character" and was hamming it up for the camera. Soaked... and freezing! She was so wet that I literally had to ring her dress out before we got in the car, and she rode home like a redneck. Quirky Tate... this is how she's decided she likes to watch cartoons in the morning? In her toy basket, with ALL the toys inside with her? So random. Oh, I love her for it though! This is what happens when I leave her alone with Wyatt. He was bored and thought she needed to wear ALL her hairclips!
Some other things she's into are...
- trying to crawl out of her crib- already
- saying e-i-e-i-O
- being a daddy's girl
- wanting to pick out her own clothes
- still only eating strawberries, crakers, and a few others
- helping me garden. She loves the shovel
- picking her nose. If you even say the word "nose" or "booger" her little finger goes right up there! how do they learn that?


  1. So cute! I love that girl. Do you work Thurs? Could you do lunch?

  2. oh my cutest pictures i've seen. she's freakin funny just like her aunt.

  3. Thanks Chels! I too was sick of looking at dinner group and kept checking hoping for Tatertot pics. Thanks for the laugh, she is so damn funny!!

  4. Really that one of her w/o the bow . . . her eyes are absolutely beautiful! You and Wyatt really created a gorgeous girl!

  5. K so seriously, I can't get over that picture of her looking up at the camera! She is so stinking cute!

  6. chels- it was very fun talking to you the other night- and tate is just the cutest girl ever, and maddie is a dork. :)

  7. She is so cute & so much fun! hope you got my message about the bike seat from Target!

  8. Don't even know which pictures to comment on because I love them all. You take great pictures and Tate is the cutest thing. Those "cheese" pics . . . seriously? And, I'm still laughing about the hair clips. Gotta love Daddys.

  9. i love those pics...thank you so much for your comment. it helps to hear success stories!! i have a dr appoint. tomorrow so i will let ya know how it turns out. thanks again, your the best!!

  10. Ok I can always count on you for a good post & once again... you did not disappoint!! That dress is to DIE for & so is Little Miss Tate! How fun & full of life is she...she is too much! Your hubbie is quite the little character too! ;) Well tomorrow is GNO & I really hope you can come?!

  11. I love the post Chels! Tate is so funny and so full of personality! You are so good at keeping up with posts on Tate! I need to do one for Londyn so bad! I missed her four month one and the rate I'm going I will miss her five month one too! My goal is to have it done by the end of the weekend....we'll see if it happens!!!! Have fun tomorrow and thanks for letting me sub for you at bunko....I'm excited!

  12. I love that she's all girl and isn't afraid to wear ruffles. I would die if my girls didn't love getting dolled up!

  13. So the whole way home from lunch London kept saying "Tate" over and over. She must have really felt those butterflies when they kissed!

  14. She is adorable! Our ladies are getting so grown up...its crazy. But, you've gotta love all their funny quirks and personality. Tate's a babe. Let's do go to the zoo!! We're not leaving until August 14th now. We decided not to do the summer thing. So, let's plan it!


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