Wet Cement...

posted on: 5.08.2008

Earlier this week we left a mark in the Horsley's new patio... footprints of all the grandchildren!It was quite an accomplishment considering 5 of the kids are under 3! We had about a 6 inch place to stand (us and the kids)... I think I made an accidental footprint or two of my own! oops! We tried Tate's little hand first, but the cement wasn't wet enough, so despite our best efforts to press her hand down, it barely left a mark. We decided footprints would be easier with the weight of their bodies helping. It turned out so cute, and it's fun that it will always be there.

Right behind where I'm standing is another block of wet tiles!

I think it turned out so cute. We went by age, so starting with Jackson all the way down to Tate (who's footprint looks like a newborns!)

Tate's favorite little playmate... entertaining her all day long! Notice how Tate is almost the same size as Nora- her 2 1/2 yr. old cousin!


  1. What a darling idea! How fun for kids to remember forever! That little Tate only gets cuter and cuter! She is just one gorgeous baby! Your blog does the same thing! Cuter and cuter!

  2. What a cute idea!!! I love that it is permanent! The kids will love that when they are older! Tate is so darling and by the way her hair has never looked like a mullet. It's always so darling!!!

  3. i came home that day, and looked out back to see what work they'd done for the day and saw all the footprints. i had no idea you guys were doing it and i love it!!!! it was the most fun surprise and the best looking part of the backyard. you know patty and rolfie are going to cherish that spot forever.

  4. Are those the sqweaker shoes from Oh Sweet Sadie? Man I so wanted those, but since i splurged at the puddle jumper sale NO WAY! My sister and I are together and both of us were saying that Tate's hair is so cute! But you get that a lot, but really really!

  5. I got Sadie's tights at our family boutique in SLC. They are made by Lili Gaufrette. She might have some left. If not, I know H&M have some simliar to it. If you want, I can pick some up for you before I come to Utah. I was going to stop by your house anyway to buy some clips.


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