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posted on: 5.02.2008

With my art show this weekend, it's been quite the hectic week... to say the least! I left way too much to be done in way too little time. All of which means, no cooking, no cleaning, all nighters, and complete "hairclip zone" all around the house! Truly, the house has been covered in my stuff . I hadn't picked up Tate's room all week, or our room, or our closet. I hadn't done the dishes, washed the dirty laundry, or made a decent meal all week. To top it all of I went to bed last night at 5:35am!
There is nothing that stresses me out more than having a dirty, cluttered home- so of course with that, and the mix of no sleep (I usually get about 10hrs a night) I haven't exactly been a joy to be around.
Nonetheless, Wyatt has been the best husband to me! As soon as I expressed (okay it was more like a 5 minute sigh) that I was stressed out he went into full "take care of chels" mode. He did the dishes- all week, every morning and night. He cleaned Tate's whole room and our closet. He made me breakfast, and dinner- more than once. He bathed Tate, clipped her nails and danced with her in the kitchen. He did 3 loads of laundry... all while still doing his normal "man duties" like taking out the trash, changing the front porch lightbulb, going to work, and filling up the gas in my car.
With today being the last day I had to finish all my stuff for the show, he took the day off work to watch Tate for me. He also let me sleep in, feeding and putting Tate down for a nap all before I even got up. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, so he even individually tagged all my clips for me- all 135 of them! My deadline to be completely done was 5:00pm... then it was 6:30.... then it was 7:30, and finally by 8pm I was done and ready to go set up. Before I left, I expressed (again) my high stress level but how I was SO relieved our cleaning lady was coming tomorrow. In 1 day I had make a complete disaster out of our house again. I asked him if he would please make sure to pick up all his stuff tonight so that she didn't have to spend time picking up, she could just spend time cleaning. I expected to come home to him having done what I asked, and my stuff still scattered ALL around the house. I was fully expecting to have a late night again- staying up to pick up the disaster I had created and get ready for tomorrow.
When I got home at 11pm I almost cried when I opened the door. The house was SPOTLESS!! Wyatt was casually sitting on the couch reading. He had done all the days dishes yet again, fed and put Tate to bed, and most of all- cleaned up ALL of my stuff too!! Every last piece of felt, thread, button, paper, clip, hot glue, fabric had been picked up and neatly put away exactly where I kept them. He is such a sweet sweet husband and is constantly doing small things that he knows will make me happy. He gets so shy and embarrassed when I make a big deal out of things, so I have to "oooh and ahhh" about him on the blog ( I know he'll read this tomorrow at work). He would never sit and listen to me tell him this. So Wy... thanks so so much for being completely understanding, and so helpful and loving to me all week. Me and Tate are so incredibly lucky to have you as our guy!


  1. How sweet! Good luck at your show!

  2. Love this post dedicated to Wyatt. You two have such a sweet relationship and I'm actually not surprised that he did all those nice things for you. That seems to be just how you guys roll. What a good husband.

    Good luck with the show today and tomorrow . . . I bet you're so exhausted and I'm sure it'll be GREAT!!

  3. That is the best when they take care of you & just do what needs to be done...good on ya Wyatt!! Just wanted to let ya know...we'll see ya soon @ the SHOW!! YaY!!

  4. bless your heart...good luck with your show!! its great to have good husbands..so glad you have wyatt

  5. i'm so sad i can't be at your show.....but know that we are thinking about you! i'm glad you got everything done. and i agree with everything you've said here....wy's the absolute best. there isn't a better guy out there. love you two!!

  6. Okay so I was planning on coming to the show this weekend, but my little girl got croup. I was so bummed, is there another one next weekend?? I thought I saw that on the invitation you posted. Let me know. And how cute is your hubby....Aren't husbands the best!!!


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