posted on: 5.06.2008

Raskin Bobbins
31 cent scoops! We were there, were you? Last week we went to Baskin Robbins... or Raskin Bobbins as we call it, and enjoyed their 31 cent-a-scoop night. We got icecream for all three of us for $1.60- can't beat that! It was jam packed there, but that added to the fun and we had no problem waiting in line for cheap icecream. Tate, of course, loved it and could not shovel it in fast enough.

What you can't see from this picture is the icecream on her arms, hands and neck! She was hilarious, laughing between each bite and even trying to lick the bottom of the cup!

Pat Pat your tummy! She always pats her FULL tummy after she's done eating! You can tell by her face, she was very excited about this whole icecream thing and could not stop laughing about it.

Redneck? This photo misteriously ended up on my camera one day... hmmmm. Wyatt! How nasty is this? I've been saying for a while that she is getting a mullet- I think she's fully there now! Oh boy, we better cut this thing soon!

* I will say though, we don't, or I don't ever comb her hair like this!

Any suggestions?


  1. she is DARLING! her eyes are gorgeous and, even with a mullet, one of the cutest babies out there.

  2. Man, I love Baskin Robbins! I love your post about the NOT top ten restaurants. I totally agree about The Paris. When I went there it took FOREVER! YOu don't like Paradise? I really like their cookies.

  3. She is so so so cute. We really need to get the little girls together to play now that they are both walking and they will interact better!

  4. Oh you're so cute! I actually don't have a baby...I wish I did! I was standing in front of Danielle's little Rigby in that pic at the tulip festival. YOUR little Tate is such a doll! I hope I have a little girl first so I can stock up on your tatertot hairclips! They are the cutest! It's so great to keep in touch. You, Wyatt & Tate make such a cute little family and I love to see what you guys are up to!

  5. I can't stop laughing at the mullet picture... so many funny "mullet jokes" from high school I guess! I don't think it matters what Tate's hair is doing, she's still the cuttest little girl around.

    CALL ME when your not flying by the seat of your pants... I know you're busy, I think I'm going to have to buy you a cell phone and pay for all your overtime minutes myself! That way I can get you on the phone when I want!!!! ;)

  6. ky was rocking a mullet for a while, then i took her to cookie cutters and they fixed that sad problem for my little one!!


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