posted on: 5.04.2008

Alright, so I (Wyatt) was told to give my top ten favorite restaurants weeks ago, but I never came through. Seeing that I was so late anyway I decided to take some creative liberty and switch it up a bit. This list may be a little harsh, but it’s all in good fun right? So, without further adieu I give you…
My not Top Ten...
1. Texas Road House- The food here is not so bad in a chain restaurant sort of way, but anyplace where the servers line dance in the isles in the middle of your meal…I’ll be honest it makes me a little shy.
2. Pizza Hut- In my opinion, worst pizzeria in town. I am convinced that they deep fry their pizzas.
3. Chipotle- way too much stainless steel d├ęcor, it has all the warmth of a jail cell. On the bright side, now I can say I know what it’s like to eat a burrito in a space station on mars.
4. Loco Lizard- four visits, two food poisonings. Poison me once shame on you, poison me twice shame on me. At least they're consistent right?
5. Sonic- Hires prices meets Mcdonalds quality.
6. Dee’s- If this doesn’t make your list, you haven’t been to the 21st south 7th east location on a weekend night. I don’t want to know what the transvestite hostess put in my cheese fries.
7. The Paris- Bring your wallet, a sleeping bag, and maybe a sudoku book, cause you’re gonna need it. If you order your food early enough Friday evening you might get it by Saturday night.
8. Chili’s- when the queso dip is the best thing on your menu, you’ve got problems.
9. Al Forno’s- Nothing says upscale Italian dining like hundreds of paper stars hanging from the ceiling with fishing wire.
10. Paradise- a total misnomer. Purgatory maybe. Who do they think they are giving themselves a name like that? I’m going to name my next kid “Perfect” and we’ll see how that goes.


  1. Love it Wy! Even though I TOTALLY disagree about Paradise- it really is Paradise.

  2. Wyatt I love it! How funny are you! I can't believe Texas Roadhouse is on there! There ribs are to die for with their yummy rolls and cinnamon honey butter that just melts in your mouth! I love that you noticed the decor of Chipotle!!!! Wyatt we love ya!!!

  3. So so so funny. I agree totally with the Chili's queso dip!

  4. oh wy......this made me laugh so hard. i'm just glad, for chels' sake, you didn't add cafe rio on this list too! this list is much more fun to read than the favorites. i may just have to try it.

  5. I agree with all of it, except for Chipotle. Love that place. But Loco Lizard is absolutely disgusting. I have no idea how they stay in business.


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