16 months and getting sassy!

posted on: 5.21.2008

I took Tate to Wheeler Farm on Tuesday and it was really fun! I was suprised that it was free- nothing is now days. She loved seeing all the animals and still called them all "quack quack". We're working on that.

This little guy (well actually he was massive) almost bit her fingers off! Of course she had to stick her fingers through the fence, and sure enough he came bawking over and went straight for them!

The whole time we looked at the horses she just kept saying... "whoa whoa"! It was really cute, and I was suprised that she wasn't scared at all- the size difference scared me a bit. When I held her up he came straight for her and she reached her hand right out and started petting him- so cute!

They became friends quite quickly- when she bent down so would he, and when we had to leave she was so sad... very traumatic.

It seems lately a lot of things are traumatic lately? She's getting quite a sassy personality. She's a true girl- one second she's completely happy, hyper even, and the next she's flailing herself on the floor crying? hmmm. Not entirely sure what to do about that- we're convincing ourselves it's a phase. Here are some of Tate's favorite things right now...

( this is mostly for me, so I don't forget)

Loves... strawberries and bananas- she'll rarely eat anything else

Loves... ring around the rosies, itsy bitsy spider, Wyatt chasing her, break dancing on the floor, looking at books, listening to the Ipod, going to either Grandma's house

Loves... her pajamas- she carries them around until it's late enough to put them on.

Loves... picking flowers from our yard- great.

Loves... being goofy- sticking her finger up her nose, spitting her water out then laughing hysterically, spinning on the floor, marching in place, sticking her tongue out- oh boy.

Loves... brushing her teeth

Loves... talking. No, mama, shoes (soos), cracker (ca ca), uh-oh, whoa, duck, quack quack are her favorite words so far.

Hates... sitting still

Hates... when I say no

Hates... wearing shoes

Hates... the shower

Hates... the doctor- he considered rescheduling because she was so hysterical

Overall, I am loving this age. With every new thing she learns to do or say, it gets more fun! We can play together and she is actually really funny. Quirky, but funny.


  1. I think she is so adorable.

    I have a thing for friendly kids (mine is one of them also!), and although Tate doesn't know me, she was totally dancing with me at the carnival last weekend. Maybe she and Ash should get married!! She is so cute!

  2. She is so cute! I really can not believe how old she is getting! It's so hard for me to ever imagine that in just a year Londyn will be doing all of those things also! You are a darling Mom!

  3. i love your little girl so much! it's an honor to be related to her. we need to take her on a walk on sunday by the horses in our neighborhood! erin's kids were going nuts over them last week. i work right by wheeler farm! we need to meet there one day on my lunch break.

  4. Seriously, she's so damn cute!!!

  5. she is just so adorable...

  6. I want to go with you next time! It seems I can't get enough of Tate!! I love her so much...and I love watching you be such an amazing mom! (Wyatt's no slouch, either!)

  7. Jack is still...terrified of the doc. We have to bribe him with everything when we go, it's okay if shes scared, the docs are paid enough to deal!

  8. I love this post! I love her, "whoa" comment...I just sat & had a good giggle by myself! ;)I'm sorry Chels, but she is just so dang cute, she can be a sassy pants or whatever else & it wouldn't even matter!!I REALLY, REALLY hope all works out for us & play group Weds...I just know you are gonna be my new best friend! ha ha! ;)

  9. I LOVE it!! Kate is going through all the same stuff and we are also wondering if it is just a PHASE! It's hilarious the attitude that is in such a little midget!

  10. So funny. I never read your post until now. I just have time to look at pictures lately. I did notice the 17 months thing and for a half hour I was trying to figure out if I was counting wrong. So funny that we put some of the same things about the girls though. I should have totally read your whole post and not just looked at the pictures. We need to get them together for sure!

  11. I wish I could say that "sassiness" and "roller coaster emotions" were just a phase, but Sylvie's been in that phase since she was just about Tate's age and I'm seeing no signs of it stopping anytime soon! I'm pretty sure that it's here to stay!

    Better just gear up for the teenage years! Yuck!

    (She is darling by-the-way...)

  12. That looked like so much fun, she is sooo cute!

  13. Hey CHelsea,
    YOu are one cute little mother, and Tate is one beautiful little baby girl. Posts of Tate are my favorite. Love love love it....

  14. Love sassy little Tater. That picture of her with the horse at Wheeler Farm is so cute. Can you believe I've never been with my kids? I need to go. Loved hearing about all of Tate's latest and greatest.

  15. I love this post! I can't wait to spend some time with her this summer... she's so much like you in a lot of ways and I love that!


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