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posted on: 4.24.2008

Puddle Jumpers on Sale!! Today and tomorrow from 9am- noon only where: about 2500 S. Preston St. (about 1900 E.) It's in the neighborhood just west of Maverick and Whimsy *located in a warehouse on the east side of the street
I got all these for $10 each!!
They have TONS of other styles too in all sizes- from infant to 13. Prices range from $5- $15. Just thought I'd pass it on- hooray for sales!
*Plus... {tatertot} giveaway over here!!


  1. Hey Chels, these new tatertot's are to die for! LOVE them. I would wear one on a crisp white blouse, or on a wrist band, or on my purse,or my denim jacket, or on a skinny belt, or hmmm...just about anywhere! I love the ones with ribbon comming out from the back! DARLING! You are one creative little Mama!

  2. Chels
    I love your new taters and the broches are to die for!!!!! Your creativity continues to amaze me! I can't wait until Londyn has some hair to clip them into! Good Luck with your show! For sure lets go out sometime without the kiddies!

  3. Thanks for the hint! I went today and got 4 pairs for my sister in laws and friends. They are so cute I am tempted to keep them for myself for "someday", but who knows when that day will be or if I'll even have girls!

    PS...Loved your funny comment on my blog! Her lips were definitely touching her nose! Unreal! I'm so glad you get it!

  4. I went and it was a steal. I was good and only bought 3 pairs for baby boy.

  5. I missed it. I was out of town. Will they do it again? Is it a co. or what? Any info. would be great. You can email me if that is easier.


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