Nine Sinatra Songs

posted on: 4.25.2008

Last night my sisters and mother in law went to the ballet- Nine Sinatra Songs. It was a compilation of a couple different ballets, and they ended with a more broadway style like Frank Sinatra performance. It was fabulous! I hadn't been to the ballet for a long time, and I always forget how much I miss it. It always brings up old feelings of being on stage myself and how much I loved it. Growing up I spent every second of my free time dancing, and somewhere along the road I got burned out and stopped. At first it was refreshing and a good break, but looking back now, I wish I would have danced in college or at least continued to take class. I miss the feeling I had when I was in class working hard and pushing myself, and I miss being on stage.
ANYWAY, I'm making myself sad now. We did get the giggles though when the men came prancing out. There was a full number of just men, and of course it was great- they are amazing dancers. But, I could not stop giggling everytime one pranced around on the stage. It didn't help that Maddie thought one of them looked like her husband! We couldn't stop laughing. So bad and immature, I know, I know.
Before the ballet, we went to a newer-ish restaurant called Faustina. It was amazing! We were all drooling over our dishes and can't wait to go back. The atmosphere is great too- it's a bit modern, but doesn't feel cold at all.
thanks so much girls for such a fun night!


  1. seriously.....that really was such a great night. i think we need to get season tickets again, so it's not just a one time thing!

  2. i have heard this ballet was fantastic from multiple people. what a fun family outing. by the way, i missed your monday review of the hills. i needed someone to reiterate how frightning heidi is looking and how straight up witchy lauren can be. ugh. ps: cutest yellow sweater ever!

  3. Oh that does sound like so much fun! I know......everytime I go to a ballet I get all sad and reminisce about old dancing days. BTW your new tatertots are SO darling Chels - I love how different and creative they are! Good job! I called you today cause I wanted to chat for a bit :) Hope all is well!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time, I love that you all are so close. I remeber when you permormed a solo at a talent show in high school and what a beautiful dancer you were.

  5. call me tonight if you can. xoxox

  6. chelsea....
    cutest clippies ever!!! Love the latest and greatest!!! I also love the yellow cardigan... have you seen the jcrew springy cardigans... reminds me of them... and I want them in every color... ok really random... byee!


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