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posted on: 4.29.2008

* sorry for no recap last week. It was just too boring- I had absolutely nothing to say. This week on the other hand, was full of great gossip!
1- um.... Steven coming back!!!! Even if they are just "friends", I love seeing them together. And how funny was Lauren trying to play it cool while they joked about how everyone wants them to be more than friends!
2- Lo being Lauren and Audrina's new roomate... hooray! I love Lo!
3- Heidi's acne? This is really mean, but she deserves it after all that plastic surgery she's put her face through!
4-Justin Bobby's haircut (he's still a creeper, but at least now we don't have to watch him swing his nasty hair out of his face)
5- I still love Lauren's side braid. I must try it.
6- Meeting Brody's Cora- I've been waiting to see what she looks like. (he is beautiful)
1- Lauren, Lauren, Lauren- why are you such a snot lately? Seriously, she says the rudest things to her friends and they just laugh? I don't get it? I can't believe she made Audrina stay in the "guest house"! I'm getting really sick of her ego.
2- Again Again, Stephanie's hair has got to go
3- Heidi guilting Stephanie into staying home with her & not going to Lauren's party. Is Heidi not doing the EXACT same thing to Lauren with Audrina?! I'm so sick of Heidi.
4- The comment Lauren made about covering their huge entry wall in their house with all their pictures! They are too rich for their own good- I hope they at least hire a designer.
5- no whitney :( please show her more than .2 seconds next week
6- Audrina getting sucked back into Justin Bobby's spell! I sware he is always high!
That's all!


  1. amen on every single high and low...how bout that new house that the girls are in, amazing!! o this week was so good!!

  2. can you believe I still haven't seen it? It didn't get recorded for some reason! I was so mad! I'll let you know when I finally catch it!

  3. yeah, i have decided this is my guiltiest pleasure and i am not even a little bit ashamed. fox took away my oc and i needed something to fill that void. thank you for saying all the things i was thinking. lauren really is such a brat sometimes, but i too love her braid up front(which i totally tried the other day) and seeing her with steven again. cheers!

  4. I'm glad you said last week was boring. As you know, it was my first attempt, and I didn't get into it. I think I'm a little too late in the game to get all the background so I was kind of lost and didn't watch this week. Maybe I'll try again on Monday.


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