Hills Recap... and other Monday highlights

posted on: 4.15.2008

wow. this was a fabulous Monday. i don't think i've ever said that before. between wyatt coming home early from work, tate cracking us up, my work party and all the fabulous food, the hills and the bachelor!! it was dreamy.
let's start with the hills... i'll be honest, I didn't love this episode. a little boring, don't you think? i am not surprised that heidi is trying to weasle her way back in to laurens life through audrina. frankly, i'm really sick of all the heidi/ lauren drama. they need some new material. but, did anyone notice 1- heidi's makeup in the first scene? what? and 2- laurens side braid, loved it. i wasn't surprised either about spencer crashing the gno and trying to make heidi jealous. with that said, i do think it's extremely ridiculous that heidi calls their breakup a "relationship vacation"- what is that even? she's being a little too princess-y for me. hasn't she learned yet, you have to breakup or stay together. there isn't a middle.
i was thrilled though that lauren was given the new job at people's revolution- it means we get to see more of her bee-ochy boss, and more of whitney. yeah!!!
that's all for the hills. next weeks looked steamy though.
Onto my other monday night addiction- monday nights are super classy in our home. the BACHELOR! i am completely hooked to this show, and i'm going to go ahead and put it out there... i LOVE shayne. i know you are all thinking i'm shallow and crazy. but, i love her honesty and her humor. even if she is a malibu priss, she owns up to it and i love that. anyone who knows me knows i am so proud of my prissy-ness so maybe that's why i've taken a liking to her. i think it's hilarious that she brought a blush brush to the slopes. good idea. seriously a little blush and lip gloss does make a world of difference.
okay, and i'm sooooooo glad he kicked off psycho robin- ahhhh, i cannot stand her. and marshana too!! i got sick to my stomach looking at her giant mouth. and robin just was doomed from the beginning when she made enemies with all the girls. i'm glad matt saw through her poor acting. how hilarious was her "bon soir" to matt!!!!!!! i was cracking up. oh, that was such a fabulous episode.
Back to real reality. tate was hilarious today. she has discovered shorts on mommy and daddy and thinks they are very interesting. this morning i was sitting on the couch with her, wearing shorts, and she lifted up the bottom of my shorts, peeked up and said "whoa"!!! yep, whoa is right tate!! funny thing is, wyatt told me (without knowing what she did to me this morning) that when he was home with her later that night, sure enough she lifted up his shorts, stroked his thigh and said "whoa"!! apparently she thinks we're pretty hot. she is so funny. i hope she gets over this new discovery soon- before she decides to do it in public.
Bon Soir!


  1. "Whoa!" . . . that's the comment of the day. Love that Tate!

  2. Okay, without sounding like a complete PHYSCO, I just have to tell you that whenever i read your TV commentary I feel like I am reading a post written by myself! I agree with everything you ever say! It's insane. I was freaking out last night about Heidi. She is so fake now, I can't stand it. And what about her co-worker (can't remember her name) She had crazy eye-liner and bright red lips, she looked physco. If you ask me, everyone on the show wears WAY too much makeup. AND...Everything you said about the bachelor is spot on. I actually wrote a post about all the girls last week, but couldn't get the pics how I wanted them, so never posted it. I said the exact same thing as you: love Shayne because she fesses up to her high-maintaince & I love anyone who is that real. HATED Robyn & Marshana so much I would literally yell at the TV. Neither were cute or nice at all & those lips!??!?! OMG, swallow his chin, why don't ya?! G & I both screamed with joy when he voted them both off. This is a novel, sorry, but it amazes me that you think exactly like I do. I may just have to post my bachelor thing to show you what I'm talking about!

  3. hills...boring!!! it was really boring indead this week.

  4. Hey Im a hills and bachelor fan too! I like Amanda but from the looks of next weeks preview, her family looks crazy! I hope they dont ruin it for her! Oh and Robin is a freak, Im glad she is gone!

  5. Shayne has been my favorite from day one too. I like that she is real and not embarrassed to pull out all her make up. I think she is so so funny to watch and I think she is beautiful. Hey, what is your boss' name? I think I might just call him about my stuff. What do you think?

  6. Just noticed the long comment over there! Seriously I cannot believe I get sucked into The Bachelor! THEY NEVER STAY TOGETHER EITHER! With one or two acceptions! We should get a prize if Shayne wins!

  7. I'll leave a much better comment next week after I start watching the Hills. Loved hanging with you today. Way fun.

  8. So I watched it for the first time last night and it seems as though Spencer and Heidi do not even love each other. That bar scene was so weird. It's like the are in high school. I am not really understanding it all, but for some reason it is addicting. Do you think Stephanie is sorta pretty but ugly?


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