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posted on: 4.06.2008

Proud Dad of 2 girls!
My brother Ryan, and his wife Amber, just had their 2nd little girl- Gracie Elizabeth Frandsen. Isn't that a beautiful name? She was born this morning and was a little chunk weighing 8lbs 11oz! She is the cutest little thing, and looks just like a cabbage patch doll! I really just want to squeeze her little cheeks! Congratulations Ry and Amber, we love you!

Proud Aunt, and so happy to have yet another baby girl in the family!

(don't mind how wretched I look- it was 9am and I don't do 9am well)

Proud Gramps!

Onto more random, but still very important things... this is how I found Wyatt napping the other day?! Seriously! He had my sunglasses on earlier, just goofing around and apparently he fell asleep in them! I just think he's trying to dodge the paparazzi though.

Oh wow Tate. This is my little chocoholic who shoved an entire Samoa girl scout cookie in her mouth! She doesn't bite off anything- if it's too big for her she just lets it hang out until she can eventually suck it in. This particular cookie was too big, but she didn't let that stop her. It hung half way out for a good 20 minutes until the part in her mouth dissolved... then sure enough, she shoved the rest in! Hilarious.


  1. Oh the little baby is so cute! Okay Wyatt that is hilarious! I love that you just "forgot" to take them off! And Tate can she get any cuter?! Everytime we are together we just laugh at how funny she is!!!! Honestly though, how can you resist not shoving the entire samoa cookie in your mouth!!!!

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  3. cute little baby...i bet after holding little gracie tate seems huge!! anyway, to answer your question ky just stopped having wet diapers and no more tears when she would cry so that was about it and then we took her in.

  4. Sorry - but you DO do 9 am well. If that's bad - please come to my house at 9 am and see what bad is all about. (Really, don't. It's too sad.) And, I'm crazy about little Gracie Elizabeth . . . beautiful name and love those chubby ones.

  5. Oh boy- she's got it too... chocolate addiction! I think she got that from Aunt Cassi AND her mommy... :)

  6. Oh- and CONGRATS to Amber and Ryan!

  7. How fun to have a new little one around! I wanna have jokes!! Tate, you're not the only one shoving those Samoa's in...I can't get enough of those lately! :) Can't wait for tomorrow's post...

  8. Ok, I love this post. First what a cute little baby. Second- Could Wyatt be any funnier. What a HAM! And Third- Tate is way to cute. I love that she loves cookies as much as my Gabe. I swear if I let him he would eat cookies all day. No wonder he is my little butterball. Your only a baby once. RIGHT!? Lexi

  9. where is the hills re-cap?!?!?!

  10. Seriously so cute, & funny too (Wyatt). K so I totally bought that same painting in your living room for my office.(sorry kinda random) Love your taste! :)


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