posted on: 4.18.2008

Today was a great day. Went to the Zoo with a good friend, made new friends, and had a ton of laughs! Went to a church meeting later, and ended up chatting and laughing histerically until 10pm about Idol, the Hills, and other random things! I always feel refreshed and happy when I have some good laughs with good friends, and new friends too! I wish I had more days like today.
So thanks friends for making me happy today!


  1. it was so good to see you for a sec today...sorry i had to take off. i had to meet my husband by 2 and so i felt bad!! i was so fun though

  2. isn't that the truth! nothing compares to wonderful friendships. thanks chels for being on of my very best friends.....and such an amazing sister-in-law. we really scored with you!!:)

  3. Did you or Tate get burned? Ya I spaced sunscreen today! Great job! Seriously I had such a fun, relaxed time too. I already figured Tate was such a great baby, but really she is!

  4. Seriously so fun! Loved our speed-race stroller shopping, loved dashing around the zoo and totally loved dishing about Idol and being convinced that the Hills is a must-see for me. Bring me up to speed before Monday so I can hit the ground running.

  5. That was fun! We need to do it more often as the weather gets better. Good to see you!

  6. What up kids... hope all is well. the future mrs and I ran across your bloggle.. we are addin' you... hook us up with the same...


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