posted on: 4.03.2008

Check out the newest {tatertots} at Paisley Pomegranate in Park City's Redstone Village! If you have never been to this store, you really must go (there is one in Sugarhouse too). I could honestly spend hours in there looking at all the goodies. They have everything from clothes to dishware, notecards, Sue Valentine Artwork, shoes, jewlery, rugs, and of course baby accessories! It's a fabulous store and I'm so excited to be working with them!
* Also look for my new Tatertot Baby Brooches at Paisley Pomegranate... and soon at ONEiTY!
( i promise i'm done for now with the shout-outs to myself... hey it's my blog though :)!!


  1. Hey have you been to the one in Sugar House? One of my clients neighbors owns it. I have never been in, only because I know I will be to tempted. I went to Kinder Winkle the other day. So cute. I felt bad because London broke a rattle and they would not let me pay for it. They are all so nice there!

  2. It is so awesome how your tatertots are selling everywhere now!! You are one busy lady Chels. A couple weeks ago driving up to school I tried to visit you at Babinskis, but you weren't there...what days do you work so I can stop by and say hi!?
    And yes, I love that we can keep in better touch now! Blogs are so fun (and addicting- i feel like I'm always on here now.) Whats your email so I can send you the video of Tate walking and a couple pics?

  3. A blog is all about the shout outs! Congrats I could spend hours in that store. love it :)

  4. Okay well I am glad you do because it is super cute stuff and then I hear about it. I love my tators clips people are always commenting on them. Honestly. Now creative!

  5. Love that you're in Paisley Pomegranate now too! Chels - you're a rock star! Can we get together next week so I can have you make some for my girls? I'm way behind the curve on this one!

  6. Okay, I have a confession...I have never shopped at Paisley Pomegranate! Where have I been? What? It looks darling and now that you're there, I'm there! I will check it out...sounds like my cup of tea!

    Oh, Loved your hills post btw....You made me laugh so hard. Just love you...sooo funny.

  7. i love this grandparents have a condo in the redstone development right behind here. i will have to go visit again!

  8. Good for you! We have one at the District in South Jordan should sell them there too.

    So excited you will be at Oh Sweet Sadie!


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