Tate's Firsts...

posted on: 3.20.2008

Tate's first cover!! No, no I didn't enter her in a baby photo contest... my friend who owns Kinderwinkel wanted some shots of babies for her store, and the photographer who happened to take the photos (this one, and the yellow one on my previous post) happens to be a contributor for this magazine... so she asked me if they could put this picture of Tate on the April cover! I agreed, and I think it looks darling! Next week, we're moving to L.A. to get her into some modeling. okay j/k- really I'm totally kidding.

Tate's FIRST haircut!!!

Tonight I decided she needed some side swept bangs and a few layers in the back! It's her first haircut- yeah for Tate!! She was actually very good while I was doing it... I don't know it might have been the 3 girl scout cookies I gave her too?!

All done, and much more stylish! Now she has bangs like mom!

Just thought I'd throw this beauty in there... in case you were wondering why she needed a trim! This was how I was greeted one afternoon after her nap! What do kids do when they sleep?!

... one more FIRST...

Tate's first steps!! Yup, she started walking! Too bad I didn't have my camera, so there's no picture! On Sunday March 16th she took her first steps to her cousin Tess! It was very very exciting and there may have been a few tears on my part... maybe.

She hasn't done it much since, just a few steps here and there, but I'm counting them all!


  1. She is gorgeous just like her Mom! I can't get over her blue blue eyes! You will have to tell me who the photographer was. She is so so so darling! I really can't wait until Londyn and Tate can play!

  2. Hi Chelsea, that picture of Tate on the cover of the magazine is adorable. In fact all those pictures are because SHE is adorable. I know if I had some girl scout cookies during my 3 hour hair cut and color I'd be much more cooperative. Maybe I should tell my hair dresser that.

  3. Look at how beautiful your little Tate is. And how pround are to have your little one on the cover of a magazine.

  4. so dang cute!! ky needs a hair cut..her hair is CRAZY!!!

  5. Her first cover already! Hooray! She really is so beautiful!!

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment! You cut hair too...you just do it all, don't cha! Tae needs a cut already I'm afraid, we may need your skills! As far as the pics...her link is on my blog, check her website too b/c she has more. She gave me an awesome package when I was prego so we've been using her but I may need to find someone else.

  7. I love that Tate's a covergirl!! Can't wait to see what she's in next. :) And, I love her new haircut. What a beauty - I agree - just like beautiful Mommy.

  8. Oh my! How cute is she!! She really is gorgeous, and you deserve to be so proud, especially with her walking too! I bet you will have to keep the paparazzi away from her now!! he he I agree we need to all have a dinner date soon!

  9. Tate is so beautiful! I love that picture of her on the yellow background.


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