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posted on: 3.06.2008

Spring Sale!
Check here for the Tatertot Spring Sale... buy a bundle of small or large Tatertots and save $5! You'll get one of each of my favorites to match all your girls outfits!
I've also changed the large ones a little... they now have two layers of felt, giving them more depth and interest. Also, they attach with a large "flippy clippy" instead of a barrette- stays in hair much better! The large ones are really fun and ecclectic, perfect for a toddler or baby with lots of hair! I can also make any of the small tatertots into large ones, just let me know!
Happy Spring!


  1. Oh my gosh you just gave me an idea for the window! Lets do a whole window with music sheets and what not! kinda like an ode to the arts? let me know what you think.

  2. Chels, you are a creative little genius! I did a post on tatertot hairclips on my solo blog. Check it out and okay it for me. No one reads that blog anyway, it's just me advertising my peeps. Love ya, Kate

  3. Oh my gosh that green and yellow one is so perfect for spring! I am needing to put in an order!

  4. yes! this will be fun i think you will like this bunko thing and even if you don't, it is just a fun group of people. i won't be there this month (the 20th is bromley's birthday,) but will definitely see you in april and hopefully before that. you never know.

  5. Had to comment about these too...I love all the new designs. I don't even have a girl but I love these so much I have got to put in an order! You are so cute Chels!

  6. Adorable chels- so cute.


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