Tate Tag

posted on: 3.15.2008

Tate was tagged by her little friend London, here it goes...
1. Tate is obsessed with her stroller! When it's warm outside we must go on about 4 walks a day. She'll stand at our glass door, look outside and cry until I take her out.
2. Tate still wears a 0-6mo. size shoe! Maybe that's why she can't walk- she has nothing to balance on?!
3. Tate loves, well it's more of an obsession with both her grandma's! She'd much rather have them hold her than either one of us.
4. Tate has a very black & white personality already... she's either super happy and funny, or super mad and screaming!
5. Tate is terrified of balloons- weird girl?!
6. Tate's favorite foods are... green veggies, spaghetti, eggs, and suckers!
7. Tate will imitate anything she sees- the other day I was putting on lotion and she was watching me.... sure enough, she starts rubbing her hands together like she's putting lotion on too! She also does this with makeup, hair brushes and thumbs up!
8. Tate will wave, smile and want to grab everyone we see!
* Now Tate wants to tag... Londyn Green, Audrey Andrus, Avie & Eliza Karren, Finnley Duckworth, and Max Weed


  1. That is a darling picture of Tate. Did you take that? I love reading about Tate. It is fun to read about kids and things they love. Sushi?

  2. Oh my goodness, that picture is priceless....
    WOw, what a darling little girl! Guess who has mini feet too. Mr. Blakie! He is 18 mos and in 12 month shoes...barely! They should not be walking, it defies the laws of physics! Hilarious kiddos!

    And I laughed that she is afraid of Balloons, How funny is she? So cute that Tate!

  3. I am IN LOVE with this picture. Who was the photographer?

  4. Okay, CUTEST picture! It was so fun to see you the other day, thank you so much for coming over! Can't wait to have little play dates with Tate & Sof.

  5. Okay, CUTEST picture! It was so fun to see you the other day, thank you so much for coming over! Can't wait to have little play dates with Tate & Sof.

  6. Could she really be any cuter? I don't think so!

  7. that is so weird that it knocks you off the internet. i wonder if that happens to a lot of people. i'll have to see if there is something weird going on with my blog.

  8. Really...is that her eye color! Oh my gosh, they are beautiful! I love that pic. It made me laugh about her small foot! Tae has finger toes, so he is Mr. Big Fott! She is so cute! Are you going to play group on Thurs? I'm not sure yet! Oh and I met your darling, darling cousin, Dru @ one of my girlfriend's wedding!

  9. Mr. Big Foot, not Fott! LoL! I know how to spell, promise!

  10. Ok, so yes to agree with everyone, that picture is darling! Also, I have to say (unfortunately) that I am terrified of balloons as well. I don't know if I had a bad experience as a child or what, but they scare the heck out of me!

  11. How did you do that picture!!!??? It is so cute!

  12. What a great picture of Tate. She is such a little doll baby. I love that she has mini feet. Mr. Gabe is a big foot. He is in size 8 already. I am always trying to squeeze his foot in to his cute little shoes, but it just doesn't work, poor Gabe. (My cute little man baby.) Well Tate is a cutie pie, and by the way who took that picture?

  13. Okay Tate looks beauuuutiful in this pic! Who took her pictures? She is so darling and I love the tag! I will have to do Londyns tag soon! We need to get together this weekend!


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