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posted on: 3.31.2008

Tagged by Annie, and I actually can't wait to do this one. If there is something I get so excited about, it's food. I will choose eating out over pretty much any other activity and have been know to spend all my money on food! It's totally worth it I think. I can't put these in order though...stress's me out just trying to think about it. So, in no particular order here are my top 10 restaurants... 1- Fresco's... the atmosphere couldn't be any better in my opinion. In the summer, it's so charming to sit out on the patio with all the twinkle lights around. (oh, and the food is also amazing) 2- Market Street... always reliable and comforting clam chowder, and if Rolfe's paying- a steak medium rare to go with it! It melts in your mouth. 3- Happy Sumo... I know it's trendy and might not be the best "authentic" sushi, but my mouth waters just thinking about the Vegas Roll and the Playboy Roll. I could honestly eat 4 rolls by myself! 4- Riverhorse.... super romantic, live piano, and fabulous food. A regular "nice date" place for me and Wyatt 5- Paradise Bakery... um, go there about 3 times a week with my sister Brooke (not joking either)- we can share a salad, 2 cookies and drinks for $8.13- TOTAL (we get free drinks though) 6- Porcupine- our "medium priced" place of choice. I used to work there and I still LOVE it. I always get the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich, it never disappoints! I have also been known to convert non Chicken Noodle Soup lovers into Chicken Noodle Soup lovers. You have to try it. 7-Trio... the 3 Cheese Ravioli (Butternut Squash) is the best, but you have to add prosciutto. The Italian pizza is very yummy too. Wyatt always gets the Carbonara though and loves it. 8-The Purple Sage- I'll go ahead and say it- best dish I've ever had in my whole life, really. 9- Settebello... the BEST PIZZA IN UTAH.... by far, no comparison. Even Wyatt says so. (I guess he knows what he's talking about) 10-The Point... I go there to eat with Wyatt on his lunch breaks and have fallen in love with their Tuna Melt and Millionaire Cookie. They grill the tuna first, before putting it on the bread?! so so good! ** Other Honorable Mentions... Flemings, Rio, Crown Burger's Grilled Cheese, Bambara, Tsunami and Cheesecake. Wyatt is now making fun of me because I can't stop typing about restaurants... rude! * Now I want to tag- Dru, Sammy, Cassi, and Wy I want to see yours on here!


  1. a girl after my own heart. i'm with you 100%. nothing better than a good meal out and i think it is totally worth the $ if you enjoy yourself. do tell, what is the "best dish ever" at purple sage? i've got to get me some.

  2. How did I forget Porcupine and Market Street?!! Love both! And, I've never successfully eaten at Fresco's - we've tried to go a couple times and have had things come up. Now I have to go.

  3. Okay Chels you are officially the restraunt guru when we go out! We didn't know you had other favorites besides rio, porcupine, happy sumo and macaronii grill, which I noticed you didn't say so maybe all this time you have just been going there for us!!! So the next time we go out we have to go somewhere besides those four places and you pick!!!

  4. Hi Chelsea I loved reading about your favorite restaurants and agree with you 100% on all that I've been to. I absolutely LoVE Riverhorse. And about my hand... I did it on Sunday afternoon so at church there was no hot pink wrap. I mean c'mon that would have totally clashed with my red dress I was wearing :)

  5. that list was almost exactly what mine will look like. i'm excited to do this! coming soon.......


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