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posted on: 3.10.2008

and other random tate-isms...
Even though she doesn't know which book is which, Tate loves to pick out her own book at night! and she likes to read by herself... her favorites:
Baby Goes Shopping
Little Pea
Quiet Loud
Pat the Puppy

on her throne!

Yoga? This is Tate's new favorite thing to do? She'll get into position and just sit there for a while? she is so random sometimes!! I must admit I love her randomness though, it's so charming!

more yoga

Her 1st ponytail!! It looked more like a rat tail, but it was fun to try!

Tate and Gigi out to dinner


  1. So cute...aren't they so fun right now? Except, I'll admit, finnley has been a little bum..she wants to be so independent. Ahh!


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