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posted on: 4.01.2008

Okay, hope you're looking forward to me doing this every week?!
Highlights of this week...
1- Seeing Brody on again (even if it was just for 2 seconds)
2- Lisa (Teen Vogue) actually being nice and cordial for once
3- Heidi finally kicking that creeper out!
4- Whitney's job promotion (but does this mean we won't see her as much :(
5- Lo! love her
6- Heidi pouting after Spencer moves out ( honestly, it could have just been her lips though)
7- Spencer's sister making friends with Lauren- how fake is that relationship?! Hilarious though.
8- Lauren's black square framed glasses- so cute!
9- Spencer finally getting all he deserves- even though I know Heidi takes him back :(
10- Whitney's outfit her first day in New York- ahhhh! I'm jealous.
Lowlights of this week...
1-Brody only being on for 2 seconds
2- Brody and Lauren both acting so childish about the whole "girfriend thing"- get over it, both of you!
3- The seemingly staged conversations... mostly with Heidi. She doesn't seem natural this season, in any sense.
4- Heidi's makeup?! What the H*** is she thinking?
5- Whitney leaving Teen Vogue and signing a deal with the devil? Don't do it Whitney!
6- Lauren's roots
7- Heidi's trampy black high waisted skirt, white tank and 10 inch heels- gross.
So, I want to know... who is your favorite character on the Hills?


  1. Seriously Chels you kill me!!! I love looking at your blog! So I'm not that into The Hills but now I think I might have to put it on my DVR!

  2. i love it! i love it! corb and i are both hooked...more so me than corbin. i am feeling really good there are others out there and i'm not the only one. i think my favorite is whitney she cracks me up with her comments. thanks for the recap.

  3. I am going to go watch it right now & then I will report back, but You have been bag tagged!

  4. hold on..you forgot to add heidis outfit while painting!! doesn't anyone anymore just pull their hair back, not worry about makeup and get on some gross painting clothes!! she was all done up to paint, and that outfit she wore was killing me!! i really love whitney, sweet whitney. i also do really love lauren, i have since the laguna days!! i cant get enough of the hills...

  5. April Fools...Gotcha!! LoL...I'm so funny!! Yeah right...my love is tied between Lauren & Whit??? Keep the recaps coming, it's the best ever!!

  6. Okay, I have watched it now & I agree with everything (and thought those exact same things to myself while I was watching). Heidi's makeup: yuck (her "eyelashes" are 10 ft long) and I was sad to see what happened with Brody and Lauren. He seemed confused, maybe it's not what we think? But then again, I read (and saw a pic) about his new relationship and it seemed for real.
    Love the highlights/lowlights! You crack me up!

  7. I LOVE that someone loves the hills as much as ME. I'm a friend of the OLY high girls. Just wanted to comment.

  8. I am going to have to second the fact that you didn't put Heidi's outfit while painting on your list. I always paint in my metallic Tory Burch flats, and nice jeans with my hair down in my face. Aw, who cares if I get paint on this $1,000 outfit. It washes out, right?

    I think my FAVE hills character is WHITNEY! I hope they still show her. And, yeah, the girl can dress!

  9. okay this is too fun! i love reading your post and then reading all the comments. we all need to get together and watch it every week. i'm just floored by heidi and her peculiar behavior this season. she's a plastic barbie doll that all of a sudden has retched style and caked on make-up. SAD! she used to be so much cuter.

    and i must say, i love whitney but i LOVE lo! i think she's a sweetheart and seems really down-to-earth. i'm glad we'll be seeing more of her.

  10. #1 brody #2 lo #3 whitney. i have a hard time choosing, but if you made me, i would have to go with the aforementioned trio. it's funny, lauren and heidi get all the play time, but no one really likes them. couldn't agree more about the way heidi is looking. bad make-up, really bad clothes and some messed up plastic surgery....but she does have great hair.

  11. Again, great recap... I am loving this, now I don't have to discuss it w/the husband. He obviously doesn't understand it, although he does watch it with me but he would hate to admit it! Anywho, back to the subject... Heidi.. oh Heidi, it must be her awesome no-hit single that has gone to her head, she's all dolled up 24/7. And I agree, everything she says seems scripted or rehearsed. I like Whitney the best, she is the least drama & most stylish! I like Lo but she isn't on enough to really know her, but she always has the best advice & the most classic comments! I owe my Pinkberry/Spoon Me(utah version) obsession to her! That is where i first heard of it with Lo & Lauren. Till next week!

  12. I'm so glad I have a HILLS friend...there are more of us out there, we are just the ones who freely admit to this obsession! Well I'll tell you who I DON"T like that trash bucket...SPENCER and really heidi bugs too! Lauren seems like the biggest brat but kinda makes me like her a little more. Ahhh brody he is just scrumptious! But over all I love Whitney she is sweet and seems pretty grounded too! :)

  13. Hey Chelsea- I don't know if you remember me from high school... Missy Hicks? I married Spencer Dent who hung out with your bro Dirt. Anyway, I totally love your blog! And I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one who loves The Hills! I love Audrina!


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