posted on: 3.14.2008

with Patrick... oh and Dru and Sam!
what a beautiful bride!

Dru's done with pics, she's ready to get the honeymoon going!

Oh... and then we went to prom! We were a little underdressed, but we had such a great time! I really loved my date, even though he was getting a little frisky with me during the pictures! Gosh Dru!

Me and my girl!

Really, it was such a fun night...and a much needed break after a really awful night! We saw a movie too, after prom of course- Definitely, Maybe. It was really cute, maybe not a must see, but definitely a good chick flick!

Thanks so so much guys!


  1. Oh what a fun night. Too bad it had to end so fast. We need to do it again for sure. London is wearing her new clips, and they are so cute! And i am wearing my new earrings. Oh How i love to shop, eat sushi and go to movies!

  2. Hey Chels, I saw Wy at the reception last night but you had just stepped out I was hoping to see you and your little tater tot! The food was delish but there was sOOO many people!


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