Easter Fun...

posted on: 3.25.2008

This year we started Easter out early... 9am on Saturday morning at our neighborhood "Hunt". Even though it was freeeeezing, it was really fun!

Getting ready for church... Tate finally fit in this dress! I bought it before she was even born, thinking it would fit her first summer? Luckily I didn't miss seasons and with a little sewing from me she was able to squeeze into it for Easter. I don't know if you can see, but I also made her a little felt brooch to match! It turned out darling... you might even see them at ONEiTY soon!

Opening her Easter Basket

Cute Wy came home on Friday with his own Easter treat for Tate... her own chocolate egg with her name on it! He said because he always had one in his basket when he was growing up- so sweet! Of course she loved it.

Ready for the pool! Tate's new swimsuit and matching shades! The funny thing is the sunglasses are 0-2 yrs. and they are too small for her large head! She was trying to put them on top of her head like she see's me do, but they wouldn't fit!

On Sunday afternoon we had another egg hunt at my parents. Ella and Tate were so funny to watch and it took a good 1/2 hr. for them to find about 10 eggs!

Ella left her basket for about 10 seconds and Tate was all over it- trying to take it away. She could barely lift them, and can barely walk, but she sure was trying!

To top off the festivities we had a crazy Easter Bonnet contest! My cousins were over, so we split into teams and had to make bonnets out of random objects that were given to us. It was hilarious! Brooke, Wyatt and I were on a team and ours was totally the best! It's the super tall one on the left.

We really had such a great day! I'm so glad the weather turned out to be warm so we could enjoy being outside. I'm so thankful for this holiday and what it represents, and glad I was able to spend the day with people I love.


  1. Tate looks so cute in her dress! It is so annoying when you plan outfits according to seasons. Today london is wearing a pair of capris I bought for her to wear last summer. Oh well. Just wanted you to know I think Tate is so so so cute! And love the brooch.

  2. Could your family get any cuter?? Seriously, gosh!

    I am going to go leave you a Hills comment! Ahhh! So much to say!

  3. I really hope Tate won't mind a younger guy! Taedon's all man though!! LoL!! I'm so glad the dress still fit b/c it would have been a shame not to see her wear that! Your fam...can I please come hang out!! Looks like so much fun! Maybe we'll see ya tomorrow...

  4. Oh Tate is way to cute for words. You have the most creative family ever. I love the easter bonnets. What a fun tradition. Also I la la LOVE The hills. Lex

  5. I love her dress! so I feel bad that I never got back to you on my mom's store! =)
    yes- there was one in Sandy. She actually sold Nest- but I did love that store!
    Hope all is well! we'll need to get together soon!

  6. I am so crazy about that picture of Tate! I loved that dress (though it would have been fun for our girls to match!) and she is just getting more and more beautiful. Love the haircut, too. And, of course now you're making felt brooches. Teach me to be talented... please! :)

  7. I love the cover of TATE she is gorgeous. Looks like you guys had a fun Easter.

  8. LOve Tate's Dress. You guys are such a darling family! Tate us a lucky little girl....all I have to say!

  9. Your daughter is adorable- I love that dress. I can relate on the head issue; Grace's head is HUGE. None of her hats fit from her hat-coat combos and the coats still drown her.

  10. so dang cute!! love her swimsuit and glasses too

  11. Chelsea-

    I will never get over how cute your baby is. You could just wrap her up and eat her!

    Good baby makin' skills.

  12. Tate looked darling as always... want to eat her up. looks like you had a wonderful Easter. I love the little broach you made. You are my little Martha Stuart BFF, my goodness girl!

  13. p.s. call me tomorrow or tonight if you have time.

  14. Chels-

    I love the pics of Tate on Easter, and of course the lovely Easter bonnets. haha. I have a bunch of pictures that I took of Tate and a little video of her taking a step that I will have to send to you!

    Love, Brit


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