posted on: 2.13.2008

something fun? 8 things to do with candy hearts...
1. put them in various places around the house for your love to find.... on his/her pillow, by their toothbrush, in their cereal bowl, on the stearing wheel, in your kids lunch box.
2. spell out a secret message and send them to a friend- in an envelope.
3. have a jar by your door for all your vistors
4. decorate with them- string them from your mantle, fill a glass vase with them, scatter them around a centerpiece.
5. put one in the middle of a cupcake or sugarcookie for your neighbor gifts
6. melt them and let your kids paint with them- and lick their fingers at the same time!
7. play a game with them... a love scrabble, charades or maybe poker.
8. eat them!

I liked #5, and I 'm sure my neighbors will too!

"won't you swap your heart for mine and be my little Valentine"?

happy Love Day!


  1. I love that..thank you!! Your so creative and cute. Happy valentines to you and you valentines...

  2. You are so great! Thanks for doing that! My email is just FYI, so we can chat about when we want to go! I am leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning, I am so excited!! Especially with this yucky weather! Thank you again and we will definitely get together when I get home. I am not a slacker v.t. partner, I swear!!! Talk to you soon

  3. i like #6....and i'm sure tate would love it too:) happy vday sis! hope wy does something wonderfully romantic for you!

  4. Chelz,

    Send me your email so I can send you invite to virw my blog. I had to make it private due to a weird comment posted. I love having you visit.


  5. I had one of those cupcakes and they are yummy!!

  6. Chelsea-this is Becca again. Thank you so much for the advice! That makes me feel so much better. I have been worried about how people would respond, but I was even more worried about the days and days of screaming that were going to go with it. I am so relieved that that is not going to happen. Hopefully Cody will take it as well as your cute little Tate. I am shocked at how people respond! I can't believe what that lady said to you! I will break down and cry if someone says something like that to me. How awful! I did everything I could to try and keep him from having to have the helmet, but nothing worked. Anyway, yes we did go to shields, they are so great there! We will get the helmet by the end of next week. I hope all goes well. Thanks again for your time, and there is a novel back at ya!:)

    P.S. I had no idea about the sweating and stinking, that won't be very fun!


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