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posted on: 2.19.2008

Okay, I know I've posted a lot about Babinski's lately ( I promise to have new pics of Tate up soon)... but I thought some of you might be interested to know we are hiring! Honestly, Babinski's is the best job I've ever had- hands down! The atmosphere is so much fun, and the people who work there are great friends! You get to see cute babies all day long and plus you get a....discount! The owners, Sean & Daph are the funnest people to work for- they are so laid back and really try hard to accomodate everyone. We are looking for someone who can mainly work mornings and every other Saturday (about 20 hrs. a week). Take your resume in SOON- between 10am- 3pm, the positions usually fill fast!
ps- oh, and you'll get to work with me! what could be better:)


  1. Oh man I would be ALL over that if it was less hours......I couldn't handle that many but it would be SO SO fun! I really have always wanted to work at Babinski's.......maybe one day! :)

  2. Love babinskis...does Angie Verans still work there?? anyway, wish I could but still at anthro my big 10hours a week!!

  3. Hey Cute Girl. Thanks for the Name advice. I am loving George too. But my mom bought me a book of 100,000 names and I am finding some really good ones in it. We will see, Jake is really set on George. I am going to make my blog private. I would love for you to still have access. Will you post your email in my comments so I can add you to my list. I hope all is well. Lexi

  4. Oh that would be such a fun place to work. Maybe in another life.

  5. I know I won, I'm so excited! I'm such a sucker for little girlie clothes!


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