posted on: 2.22.2008

oh how i love my little taters!
... i love how she smiles and does her "pageant" wave at anyone we see
... i love that she will eat broccoli for every meal
... i love that she dances everytime she hears music- at the store, in the car, when wy sings
... i love that she comes in to wake me up in the morning and lays her head down on my chest
... i love that she almost completey undresses herself during naps
... i love that she gets the most excited when she sees herself in the mirror
i think i just had an annoying mom moment- gabbing on about my own- sorry, just love her.


  1. So cute Chels! Not annoying at all. She really is so darling! For sure lets go out this weekend! I'll call you.

  2. She really is just so cute!! Her and Kylie need to be friends...they are just alike!!

  3. i don't blame you for gabbing on about her! she truly lights up every room she walks into....or is carried into:) i only wish i were pat and she loved me as much as she loves her!

  4. I love that girl! I miss seeing you guys. Can we get together and go to dinner or something? Also, it is time for a trim. . .HELP!
    When I have a little girl can I hire you to be her stylist? Tate always looks so cute! Love Ya!

  5. Seriously, I love that girl.
    Especially in that outfit. I came home and told Jason all about it and told him I wanted to go to Old Navy this weekend. I am glad you posted that pic so now I can show him. Love Tate!

  6. How cute Chels... you can have all the annoying mom moments you want to me! What a doll she is, you're very lucky.

  7. So, so cute! And I love that little pageant wave of hers!

  8. I love it! Man, you girls know how to have fun! I am due for a pedicure. You have the cutest little girl! Seriously....she is a doll. I love all of the pictures. Keep them coming!


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