posted on: 2.08.2008

Spring up your little gals wardrobe!!
New Spring {tatertot} hairclips!!
I've been getting so sick of the snow and gloomy weather, and I have Spring fever so bad!! I'm really ready to wear bright fun colors and not have to bundle up Tate every time we go out. Since all the stores already have their Spring lines in, I thought I'd make some cheery tatertots to help get us ready for Spring...
Remember, if you don't see one that works for you, just email me. I have TONS of fabrics and colors of felt to choose from!! I'm happy to customize them for you!

I love this nautical one- Tate has a darling navy polka dot dress from ONEity that I think this would go great with!

{ herringbone}

{ Sky}

{cherry pie}


{ sherbet}

{ lilac}

{ watermelon}

* Check out {tatertot} hairclips blog at for more details*

Happy Spring... almost!!

**Also, sorry about the poor picture quality- email me if you want a clearer picture of one with more detail. Cassi will probably die when she see's these:)


  1. You are so creative. Sometime you will need to take pictures of your house, I am sure it is the best decorated house in Utah.

  2. So cute!!! I love them and they are becoming quite a hit!
    I hear you on the Spring thing! Enough winter already....

  3. I love these...tell me how I get my hands on these cute little things? Also, I only work at anthro 1 or 2 days a week now- usually always monday nights and another day. Its been nice to be at home with my little ones.

  4. Hey! Those clips are soooo cute. I am in need of some new bows and such for my little girls hair. I had no idea you made those. How creative and they are adorable. I'm going to go get me some today!!!
    Rachel (Handy) Cowan
    Oh and your little girl is darling

  5. these are so cute! I love the names too!

  6. You are amazing Chels! So cute!

  7. these are the cutests things. i gave them as gifts for a shower and everyone has just loved them. i my baby has hair so i can use them right away! i have to have you make me a bunch when she comes.

  8. These are so dang cute! I need to get some for Ava! Thanks for the post by the way. We still don't have our crib yet... they said that it was delayed or something. But hopefully it gets here soon! Maybe I'll see you there!

  9. Hi, I am Becca Thompson. I came across your blog through some random chain of friends. I saw your hairclips blog (which are so so cute by the way) and saw that your inspiration was from your little girl having a flat head and having to wear a helmet. My little boy has the same thing and we are going in a couple days to fit him for a helmet. I am SO nervous about it, and wonder how he is going to handle the whole thing. I was wondering if you could tell me how it went when your daughter first got her helmet, and if it has rounded her head out. I am hoping it is something they get used to quickly and it isn't too uncomfortable. Anyway, I hope you don't mind some random person asking you this, but I thought if I heard someone elses experience it might make me feel better about the whole thing. I have a blog too,, or you could e-mail me at Thank you so much for your time!


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