posted on: 1.02.2008

Tate's First Christmas
This Christmas, as busy as it was, was amazing. It was so much fun to see Tate experience all the family traditions I've grown up with. Even though she's a little too young to get it, she still had a blast and was so darling about everything!
For Christmas Eve we went to Grandma & Grandpa Frandsen's house. It's always a fabulous time over there. My mom is an amazing hostess and made it so magical! We have some long standing tradtions in our family... this year we had a yummy gourmet dinner, followed by exchanging gifts with the cousins, grandkids pj's, charades, story of Jesus's birth, and the night ends with my dad reading " The Polar Express". I am really a nut about traditions- I cried when my mom stopped doing a stocking for me when I got married... oh and when I no longer was receieved Christmas pj's from my grandma I also cried! I just get so attached, but this year was great because I got to do all those things with Tate!
A family picture- sorry so blurry. It's not very oftent that we are ALL together The newlyweds came in town and it was great to see them! Don't they look Hot?!

Our little Sugar Plum Fairy!

how can you say no to those sweet eyes?

Tate's Christmas Eve gift from Gigi (great grandma Jean) was this great teddy bear that tells the whole "Twas the Night before Christmas" story! She LOVED it, and couldn't stop laughing at it!

Cousin Ella wasn't too sure about her teddy bear?

Tate and Ella admiring (and comparing) their first ornaments!

two little bums

Tate and Ella's first Christmas PJ's!! Yeah! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Classic Tate face- cheesing it up for me in her pj's

The whole fam, cousins and all, getting ready for an intense game of charades...

Scotty showing off his new blazer! Isn't he a cutie?! Brooke says if he wasn't her cousin they'd be hookin' up!

Let the games begin... Charades is VERY intense in our family. It's all business, and we're all pro!

Santa came!! Tate was so happy about her rocking lamb "lulu". She was all over it and even learned how to rock it herself! Every time we're in her room now we have to ride on it for a bit! She got a bit spoiled by her grandparents- Grandma & Grandpa Horsley gave her a little leather armchair that's just her size!
Tate cleaning up! She thought it was the greatest game to pull down the garbage bag full of paper- it's funny how it's cute when she makes a total mess!
Zzzzzz... Wyatt is all tuckered out after a long Christmas morning!


  1. Are you serious about Tate's darling dress?! I can't get over it! Such the diva. Loved the Christmas re-cap and all the pictures.

  2. The fam is so cute! Really Chels, I think Tae needs Tate as his she is to die for!!

  3. p.s. did you see Fifi the Fawn? I couldn't believe it when I came across her b/c she matches Tae's nursery perfectly! Great "Baby Style" you have! ;)

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful wonderful Christmas ;) I wish I could have seen you guys more and spent more time with little Tate. It makes me feel better that I'll be back a few days in Feb, I can handle that. Tate looked ADORABLE on Christmas... that child is a total babe (double meaning!) :)


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