posted on: 1.22.2008

Miss Tate turns 1!!!
Tate's first birthday was on January 20th, but we celebrated the night before at my parents. It was really fun! Tate already gets the whole "present" thing, so she was going gaga over all her gifts! She is quite the little performer!
we are so proud!
This is the best picture we could get with her hat on- she was not having it! Plus, her head is so large that it wouldn't even tie on!!

Daddy helping Tate open her gifts... as always she was more crazy about the paper...

that was until she opened her first baby doll! She started kissing her right away and was sooooo excited! She's hardly put it down since!

If you need a good first birthday gift this "Busy Zoo" from Target was a hit! Plus it's really cute too, so I don't mind having it out in my family room!

Singing Happy Birthday! Tate had her first taste of chocolate cake... chocolate ganache cake from Normandy too! Yum!!

She wasn't too excited about having to pick it up, so she just dove right into it...

being very cautious, she looked around to make sure no one was sneaking up on her to have a taste too...

once she got the hang of it, there was no stopping her!!

She literally ate the WHOLE piece on her own! I'm so surprised it didn't make her sick. It was chocolate cake, with chocolate buttercream frosting, all covered in chocolate ganache!! Once she realized she had a crowd and the full attention of everyone she started entertaining- of course! Playing peek-a-boo with her cake... that's the reason for the cake on her forehead!


  1. Happy Birthday Tate! She is such a doll - oh and both my girls have the same Luna Luna shirt with the skeggings and jacket. Great minds think alike!

  2. Happy Birthday! The first year of life is so remarkable. To think they go from tiny helpless newborns to big toddling babies in 1 short year!

  3. She is such a beautiful little girl! I love all of the pictures! I didn't know she was 3 pounds when she born! Crazy! Happy Happy Birthday!

  4. happy birthday tate!!! looks like she is feeling better chels- that's good- just in time to celebrate!!!!

  5. Those are some great pictures- what a cutie... they grow up so fast:)

  6. I can't believe your babe is 1 and mine is almost there! Time flies. Looks like a fun party.


  8. I just read the story of your birth with Tate...! Oh my gosh! I cant hardley beleive it. I'm so grateful you and her made it here saftly. Happy Birthday Tate!
    love you tons Chels!

  9. Happy Birthday Tate!!! I can't believe she is one!!! Time flies! She is so darling Chels and Wy. We love you guys!

  10. A girl after my own eat that cake Tate!


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