posted on: 1.04.2008

10367 S State St.
My new favorite place!!!
Okay, so you HAVE to check this new darling kids boutique out!! It's called Kinder Winkel.My friend Joyce just opened it about a week ago and I'm already adding to my list of top 3 favorite baby stores!! The atmosphere is perfect- for you and your little ones. It reminds me of some of the kids boutiques I would see in L.A. when I lived there. Joyce has such an eye for this kind of thing and she has endless knowledge of everything having to do with baby brands!! I love the clean, modern, but still inviting atmosphere. She has all the fun and unique brands like bla bla, swaddle me designs, eboo, wubba nuba, baby legs, trumpet, & wry baby. Amazing clothes from tea, luna luna, baby lulu, and my favorite- imps & elfs!! Plus great wall art, fun books, hair accessories, toys, and even some things for you too!
It's the greatest place to get a gift, like these darling Bla Bla dolls, or a bouncy cow by Trumpette!

...or these darling knit backpacks for your kids first year of preschool!

It's so kid friendly too- you can shop while your kids play and watch a movie!!

I love this wall art!

I bought one of these cute banners hanging from the ceiling- I'm thinking it'll be darling for Tate's birthday party!
I thought these "doodle on" placemats were so creative too! I can't wait until Tate can eat at the table and I'll sure be using one of these! Here's the cute owner, Joyce! Stop in soon, it's soooo worth it even if you don't live in Sandy! It's just east of Southtowne in the new shopping center in between Rumbi and Costa Vida.
Seriously Joyce... so so darling!!
ps- email me if you want a $5 off coupon!! Joyce was nice enough to give me tons... woo hoo!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest store I have ever seen! I am so sad I don't live in Utah anymore! Although, we may be coming out there in Feb. so I might just have to drop by this darling store and pick Max up some the alphabet wall hanging. Wow, so cute. Thanks for letting us all know.

  2. Chelsea,
    So great to see you today and thanks so much for all your help. You really know your strollers! :) Hopefully we'll be seeing more of each other.


  3. Oh my, cutest store. I can't wait to have a baby and shop for darling things. You should open your own store like this one... you would be great at it.

  4. ya i herd joyce was doing that. i'm excited to check it out! thanks for your help yesterday over the phone! it was fun to talk!

  5. What are you doing to me...just when i make a new years resolution to not buy so much for London you post about this cute store! Ok so i would love a coupon. Are we on for tomorrow?

  6. Hey Chelsea, I am so glad that you posted this new store! I LOVE little shops like this, but it seems like I never know about them, or I am the last to discover them! SO, I am there! I noticed the little Sandcastle Hats for boys too! Never seen those sold in a store....always ordered online before! I am so excited! Thanks...Katie

  7. That's near my house! I am excited to go check it out!!

  8. I saw that on Saturday but it was closed but I am so so excited to go!! YaY!

  9. You are sure welcome! It's easy to spread the word about your clips because they really are so great and adorable!
    Happy New Year!

  10. one day chels, you're going to have open your own little boutique. i can just see suites you!

  11. Chelsea!
    I found your blog!! So cute!
    I cant wait to see Joyce's place! The pics look incredible!

  12. Chelsea, What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! How are you? How is life? I hope all is well, your little girl is so sweet. Oh, and I just happen to buy one of your clips at Babinskis. (did I spell that right, oh well.) They are so cute I love them, too bad Aspen just started loosing her hair. Well, I hope you don't mind me checking in once in awhile.

    Hope you are doing well. Keep in touch!
    Abby Johnson

  13. I had no idea that becoming a mom came with so many new name brands! I feel overwhelmed imagining having a naked little creature...without having to dress and decorate! Stylish mommy-ing is not for the faint of heart!

  14. What a great store. Too bad I don't live there. :( Well Hope all is well. Alexis

  15. You don't know me, but I just went into this store today. As soon as I walked in I commented to my friend "I saw this on someone's blog". I checked out your site because i heard about the tator tot clips, now I frequent your blog often. This store is darling and has so many different and fun things.


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