posted on: 1.02.2008

Hatch Holiday "Gay"la...
wow... creeper!
Our good friends Chris & Lindsey Hatch threw a great ugly sweater Christmas party- what a blast! They really know how to throw a party... great house, great food, great company, gifts, and awards for ugliest sweaters! Or in Wyatt's case- the award for biggest creeper! With his hair parted and his scruffy beard grown out he looks like a pedophile! But our sweaters were great!! I glued jingle bells on his as a last minute attempt to spice it up, and mine- well, I think it speaks for itself! me, Danielle, and Cass- these gals getups were picked right from their moms closets... mine was a score from Thrift Town last year! Your probably wondering why most of these guys are sporting mustaches?! It was one of the requirements by the Hatch's in order to get in! This looks like a creepy gay club's annual Christmas photo! (and of course no offense to gay's- love them!)
Dani & Josh- we love turtlenecks!! A great white elephant gift- this random doll head!! Personally, I think the gift me and Wy got to bring home was the best... a real breast implant!

The lovely host and hostess- Chris & Lindsey Hatch. His beard is real! Wow Chris- you are a man!!

Some of the gals just chatting... and posing

Our hottie husbands... Wy, Jordan, and Josh


  1. I think I recognize some of those sweaters. Did they come out of our mom's closet's in 1989?


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