posted on: 1.03.2008

Goodbye to 2007...
... goodbye to the best, and hardest year yet
...hello to a new try
...goodbye to being a "new mom"
...hello to knowing what I'm doing
...goodbye to Tate being an age only in months
... hello to having a toddler
...goodbye to 24
...hello mid twenties
...goodbye to old friends
...hello to new meaningful ones
...goodbye to Heather being single
...hello Shan
...goodbye to Boo's nose
...hello smooth beauty
...goodbye to sleepless nights (tate now sleeps a solid 12 hrs.)
...hello bed and Wy
...goodbye to Cass and Jo (again)
...hello to another trip to Boston
...goodbye to my baby fat (almost)
...hello to designer jeans
...goodbye to wyatts golf clubs (stolen on New Years Eve)
...hello to forking out another 600 bucks
...goodbye to endless preemie clothes
...hello to 12-18 months
...goodbye to the sickest year of my life yet (not sick like "cool")
...hello health
...goodbye to working full-time (yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!)
...hello stay at home mommy
...goodbye to feeling unorganized
...hello container store
...goodbye to black hair
...hello to golden brown
...goodbye to eating brownies for breakfast (and lunch)
...hello- I still haven't figure that out yet
...goodbye to tate's helmet
...hello to my new little business
...goodbye to not loving icecream
...hello to Noelle's homemade hot fudge
...goodbye to an adventurous, hectic, and fun 07
...hello 08!
(can't wait to spend another year with you Wyatt & Tate!)


  1. Chels, Love the post. It's amazing what each year of life brings. You never can predict where life will take you in a short 12 months! I'm also jelous of your "no more sleepless nights". I think I blocked the memory of the sleepless nights with a newborn"

  2. You are the cutest! I love reading all your stuff!. So i went into Babinskis for the first time while I was home, hopping you were going to be weren't dang it. I had so much fun and found to die for bedding for baby boy. (the olive green right when you walk in) It's on a wish list i guess!! Anyways Talk to you later.

  3. Ha Ha Ha!!! :) This is the greatest list of all time... I think I'll print it off and hang it on the fridge, just kidding, that would be weird... you're cute.

  4. Tell Wyatt that with the mustache he was sporting...You better not shell out $600 for new clubs, it should be more like $6!
    By the way we just found some really funny old mission video that you guys would love. Robbie


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