posted on: 12.14.2007

peppermint bark at debi's
A new tradition in the "Frandsen" home is making peppermint bark together for our neighbor gifts. My mom has always made it, and her neighbors love it! So, as soon as I got myself some neighbors I followed her lead and made some for my neighbors, starting last year. It was a hit! I'm not the girl who people usually come to for recipes- until they try this! The best part... it's actually so simple!! We had so much fun baking and eating lots & lots of peppermint bark! 1.Getting Started- measuring and of course eating lots of chocolate!
Yum Yum!!
If your lucky, you just might see some of this glorious stuff on your porch!


  1. They look so delicious in that last pic! Can you email me the exact recipe, please?! What chocolate you use, etc. Thanks!

  2. wow its gorgeous. way to go chels.

  3. I would love the recipe too. What a fun delicious treat.

  4. Well Chels,
    I think you need to post the recipe! The photos look so tempting, who can honestly resist chocolate and Peppermint?

  5. I'm with everyone else Chelsea, please post that recipe! Can't wait for the tatertots to arrive!!

  6. Looks amazing Chels, looks like you are going to need to post that recipe! You and your cute mom....always up to something festive! I love it.

  7. oh. i'd love the recipe for this.
    i ended up making peanut brittle and fudge last night for the neighbors, but i think i'd like to make myself a batch of the pepermint bark..

  8. I too am on the peppermint bark band wagon awaiting a post of a recipe...and if you don't want to share, then you are in trouble! You are going to need to be specific for us non cooking folks..


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