posted on: 12.07.2007

a little bit of what i've been up to...
It's been a little crazy around the Horsley home lately. I haven't gone to bed earlier than 2am in the past 3 weeks! I've been a busy little bee making new {tatertot} designs! To keep me up in the wee hours of the night I always have: my trusty bowl of holiday m&m's, water, and a movie going! So far I've already watched Elf 4 times, Miracle on 34th Street once, A Christmas Story once, and Sweet Home Alabama 2 times... I'm serious too! I know, I know- Elf?! But, it's truly one of my all time favorite movies! I never get sick of it, and I still laugh out loud at the same jokes!
Anyway... I'm getting off subject now. Check out my new {tatertot} designs and how/when to order by Christmas on their blog...
Here's a little sneak peak... What do you think?

More of what we've been up to...

Brooke and Tate enjoying the first snow fall! I loved getting Tate all dressed up in her sweater, beanie and boots! Like mother like daughter I guess.

Tate got her helmet off!! Woo-hoo!! She still has to wear it at night, for the next month though. She has the cutest little roundest head now! More pictures to come later...

This picture needs some explaining- so Wyatt and I went up to his families condo in Park City for a little getaway last week and Wyatt was SO thrilled to have a break and enjoying the winter scenery in Park City... that I caught him singing "It's the most Wonderful time of the year" as we were getting ready to go hot tubbing!! He was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, towel on head, swimsuit on, waiting for me to get changed, and he just started singing!! He was so embarassed when he realized I was watching, and snapping a picture! It was hilarious! For those of you who know Wy, know he can be a bit of a scrooge this time of year! Now I know what he really thinks! It's the MOST wonderful time of the year, right Wy? Oh, and this is Wyatt showing me his "spare tire"!!! omg(gosh) Wyatt! I told him if you can still see your ribs, you don't have a spare tire! What a drama queen!

Tate LOVES the bath! I have to put the bath in the shower because she splashes SO much! I also have to cover myself with a towel so I don't get too soaked. It doesn't really work, I still have to completely change afterwards!
I do love me some curls though!!

More curls!

This past weekend my friend Hailey and I threw my other friend Danielle a baby shower! She's having a little girl in January and we are so excited for her! I decided to go ultra babyish with a white, pink and seafoam green theme. I covered pink and green plates with paper doilies to sass it up a bit- a great idea to dress up a paper plate! The yummy cupcakes were from Schmidt's bakery, and I highly recommend them! They are darling, and oh so good! Only about $20 for 2 dozen!

The white Pom-Pom is an idea I got from Your Heart Out, and it's sooooo easy! It honestly took me 10 minutes to make. You can do any color- it's just tissue paper, and you can even do different sizes or a mix of colors! I think I'll do it again for a New Years party? Maybe all of you know about this punch, but I have to share anyway... Hailey made it, so I can't take credit, but I just loved how easy it was! It's literally just sherbet icecream and gingerale mixed. You dump the icecream in first and the soda on top! Done. The cool thing is you can do any color of sherbet you can find- blue for a baby boy shower would be fun!

Party favors... coconut jelly belly's!
New & old friends! ***ps- it's 1:20am and I'm watching Elf again!! I've still got to make more hairclips tonight! There's only trash on tv right now, so it's my only option... and I love it!


  1. have been a busy little bee! Love all the pictures and updates! And I LOVE ELF too!!!

  2. Tate is a doll, I love the new clips, hot tubbing sounds really nice right now, and when I have my next baby, I would love for you to throw me a shower, haha! You are darling.

  3. You are one CRAZY chica! I need to check out your designs...maybe Sat! You are too creative for your own good. :) Anyway, Finnley has done okay with the tree so far...she just kind of touches the lights, looks at me and smiles, and touches the lights again. I'm sure she'll gradually get more courage until its DANGER time! Anyway, cute cute stuff!

  4. Cute clips, Cute baby, Cute Shower. You sound like if the Holidays aren't busy enough, we keep giving ourselves more projects to do. Oh well, it's fun being busy.

    I got his snowsuit at The Rack. They had the same one in Pink and Cream as well. I think it was like $50 or something. I had searched for one everywhere, and was settled on getting the one from Patagonia because Adam gets 50% off, but this one was cheaper, and it is super warm. It is made by UGG. You should go and get it.

  5. I love that you busted Wy! And you are so darn talented with the clips i want them all!!!

  6. How do I get a customized tatertot? Do you still do customized??

  7. So much to comment on that I don't know where to start!!? First off, DARLING baby shower... hopefully one day you can throw me one of those "hint hint to Jo Jo!!" :) Looks like a lot of fun but I was surprised that I didn't recognize one face?! I have been gone too long. Tate is adorable as always, I love her winter attire... she does take after her mother. The story about Wy is great... I will have to have Jo read this, I think he knows and loves that side of Wy! I can't believe how busy you are with Tatertot Hairclips!! That's great!! SIX DAYS AND COUNTING!! ;)

  8. Chels you are so funny! You crack me up! I love the hair clips! The shower pics are darling! I LOVE the stroy about Wy and the picture is hilarious!

  9. Well I will be copying you for the darling tissue paper ball so cute and such an affordable idea! Looks like you are keeping super busy.

  10. Aghhh! Is that you on YHO? Did you win a door prize??? If so, I'm so jealous (but happy for you too)!!!

  11. It was fun running into you at Babinski's the other day! Your little clips are amazing, I am going to have to come back in and pick up a few! You look like a professional party thrower too!!! We have a blog too if you want to keep in touch, it is
    -Breea Duerden Dunn

  12. You won! You won! You won! That is really great thing to win, too!

  13. I just got your comment, and left you one on my blog, but thought it might be better to leave it here since you might not see it. Anyway...

    I made the card in photoshop. I would be happy to make you one if you tell me what you like. The cheapest place that I found to print them was Costco. They can do it in an hour, so it is relatively painless.

    Santa is at the Discovery Gateway. Right in the lobby. So cheap ($12), real beard, and no line! All 3 are in my requirements for Santa!

  14. I found your blog through Muranda's....and WOW you are definitly busy! I absolutely love your clips! maybe we will see you guys at Cafe Rio sometime soon (considering that is where we always run into eachother - ha ha!)

    Merry Christmas!

    -Laura (Stoker) Chandler


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