posted on: 12.18.2007

ho ho ho...
Am I such a bad parent that I think this picture is hilarious? Me and Wy took Tate to see Santa on Saturday and she was terrified! I felt so bad, but it was truly so funny too! Classic picture I think.
Mo-Tab and the King Singers!

On Friday night my family took us to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert- featuring the King Singers. It was such an inspiring evening! Wyatt and I love music, I mean really love music! Seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is always amazing and something I think we take for granted, living in Utah. This year they sang with the King Singers, who were also so amazing! They sang most arrangements A Cappella, and you honestly would think there had to be instruments because it was so perfect! It was such a fun night- good company and good music... what more could you ask for?! The Conference Center was so full! If you didn't arrive at least 30 minutes early they had to give your seats away! We got there an hour early and still it was about half full already!

After Wyatt and I walked through Temple Square and looked at the beautiful lights- one of my favorite things about Christmas! Temple Square really knows how to do Christmas!

And.... just for fun!! Tate trying to get away from me while I was changing her diaper!! I LOVE her leg rolls!! (sorry about the nakedness!)


  1. Hey, we went to that concert too! The King Singers were funny huh? The trip to Temple Square makes the season complete! How fun, and Tate is just the cutest thing. Love those baby pics with Santa. Priceless.

  2. Ok so before anything else...I la la LOVE the tatertots! They are even better in "real life!" For all of you w/ girls they're a MUST and for those of us w/ boys, they're such a great gift!! You're the best Chels! Secondly, I love the pics of Tate! The Santa pic is classic but there is nothing better than a babies bum- too cute!And of course, you and your hubbie look quite sharp as well! K and there is a novel! LOL! Merry Christmas!

  3. K, I love the Santa pic...finnley had the same reaction on Monday...I'll post a pic soon. Merry Christmas!

  4. chels! that picture of tate on santa's lap is so sad! (and of course hilarious, but so sad, her darling little face so distressed!) the best picture i got of noah on santa's lap, he looks really ticked off. ha! ok and the pic of tate's little bum bum is so hilarious too. man you have a darling little girl. merry christmas!
    p.s. your tater tot creations are darling - i just realized tater tot could be a nickname for tate - is that where it came from? (i am slow)

  5. Oh! You've been naughty. I'm sure Santa wasn't nearly as entertained as you were :)

  6. That picture with Santa is so priceless. I love it. You and Wyatt are so dang cute together, what a perfect match you make:) My favorite picture of all is the last. You have to love the rolls. Gabe's are still in full effect and I love every inch of them. Alexis


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