Cleaning Lady?

posted on: 11.20.2007

Okay... I so wish this were me! Let's be honest, I clean my house in sweats and I never have a smile on my face while I'm doing it!
With my new little business starting off, while still working at Babinski's, and trying to be the perfect housewife and mother, I just can't keep up! I need help! I'm not willing to give up being a mother, wife or my little business venture, but I'm sure willing to give up cleaning my house!
I am looking for a cleaning lady! Not just "merrymaids" or something like that, I want someone who I can get to know personally and trust leaving alone in my home. I want to leave with Tate for a few hours and come back to a sparkly, clean, fresh home- like magic!!
Does anyone have a great cleaning lady that they would recommend?
** Cross your fingers that I can convince Wyatt now... hmmm


  1. Chelsea,
    My mom & Mother in Law both have the same cleaning lady. Maria she's cleaned for my mom for over 10 years and she's awesome! She's cleaned for me from time to time and I love her. I'll check and see if she has any more room in her schedule.

  2. Lucky you! I know there's someone a few people in my ward use...they love her. I'll check more into it.

  3. I had this great plan, that when I was 8 months pregnant, I was going to tell Cory that I was so huge and uncomfortable, that I needed to hire someone to come clean the house because I can't bend down to scrub the floors and tubs and whatnot. Unfortionatly, I can still do these things. No cleaning lady for me!

  4. seriously!! i think i've been spoiled my entire life because we have always had cleaning ladies. you know pat's current cleaning lady is awesome. you should ask her for details.

  5. I will clean for you :)

  6. Just do it! I was so hesitant to hire help, but once I did...that day the cleaning ladies came, became the best day of the week. There is nothing more refreshing than walking in to sparkling clean floors, fresh vacuumed carpet, and that clean house smell. AND in the mean time, you can get so much done while they are cleaning your house! Tell Wyatt that there is nothing wrong with Outsourcing! Cleaners have turned into a necessity around here...even as a neat freak, I need the help. Just do is well worth it.

  7. Okay, so I have about three that I love and have had....Carmen, Judy, or Rosa...all amazing and I know of another great one that my friend uses who is looking for more hours! I love them all and I am currently using Judy due to scheduling reasons! call me if you are interested, I can tell you specifics on all of them! ...979-2527!


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