posted on: 10.04.2007

Happy 25th Cass!!!
( our joined birthday party in 9th grade)
Can you say awkward?!?!
(Cassi's 24th birthday-Last year Wyatt and I were able to go see Cass and Jordan in Boston over her birthday. Here we are sharing a dessert at Cheesecake Factory- I wish I could be there again with you this year!!)
Cassi and I have been best friends since Mr. Woolstenhulme's class in 8th grade. We have been inseperable since the day we met. We are like 2 peas in a pod- seriously! We've shared SO many fun memories together... here are some of my favorites

Lake Powell in 8th grade- we always thought we were so funny putting our life jackets on like diapers!

Your first photo shoot in your front yard!

Lanichee's!! Sorry I've used this picture so much it's a little haggered!
Halloween Dances... for some reason me and Cassi always seemed to get 2 boys who were friends to ask us to dances so we could go together! We even married best friends just to ensure we wouldn't lose touch!!
Laughing, and goofing around with the camera- something we did almost daily!

Getting ready for the rodeo! We really thought we were cute, didn't we?!

Homecoming Sr. Year- ( I look like a politician's wife?!)

Another great Lake Powell trip! Both our familes had boats and were huge Lake Powell-ers, so between the 2 families I think we went to Lake Powell together 5 times a summer... at least!
Layc, me and Cass at Sr. Prom
Graduation - we made our own Lei's
Senior Trip in Newport Beach- boy did we have fun down there! I don't think we ever went to bed before 5 am!

Newport Beach- hanging out on the boardwalk

Cami's wedding
Remember this day?! I made you come "hiking" with me because I was feeling outdoorsy for the moment. I think we made it about 20 minutes up and I was ready to turn back and go get lunch!!
California after highschool- don't worry I cropped off the fake tattoo you had on your back!!

Las Vegas- watching Brooke play soccer? We didn't care, it was a free trip!

My Wedding- I think you were the first to hug me as Mrs. Horsley

Apple Picking at Hill Pot Orchard last year- so, so fun!! This time last year Wyatt and I were in Boston visiting Cass and Jo. It was sort of a last trip alone (I was 6 months pregnant), and it was Cassi's birthday!
Sight Seeing in Boston
5 reasons why Cassi makes such a good friend...
1- She is ALWAYS so excited and happy for me... When something great happens in my life I always want to call her and tell her about it because she gets more excited than I do even!
2- She is always making me laugh- whether it's something funny she's done, or usually something really funny that she's said (usually it's a word used in the wrong context, but I LOVE it!!)
3- She is such a good listener- I can't tell you how many countless nights we spent laying in her front yard (with Hot Tamales) just talking... usually about boys!
4- She is up for anything... in highschool I knew I could count on her to have some fun- late night chat, sneeking out, sluffing a class, shopping, and our favorite- spying!!
5- She's dedicated to everything she does and everyone in her life whether it be running marathons, photography, nurturing friendships- she does everything 100% and always has. It's something I really love her for!
I really feel so blessed to have her as my best friend. As I was looking through all these pictures last night trying to decide between about 500 which ones I would post I started to cry! Mostly I was crying because I was lauging so hard at how awkward and funny we were! But, every picture also had a good story behind it and it made me miss you terribly! I wish so bad I could still call you to go to lunch, shopping, or just drive up to your house and hang out on your bed and talk! I can't wait until you move home... Jordan, you have to bring her home soon!!
I love you Cass and miss you SO much!!
Happy Birthday!!
Love, Chels


  1. Chels, Cute Tribute to Cass. Those pictures are fabulous. I especially love the early years!

  2. Chels, these pictures were killing me! The awkward ones at the beginning are the best!It makes me remember funny Jr. High memories! The one of us at Sr. prom is one of my favorite friend pictures. Well, I will see you at lunch tomorrow! Happy B-Day to Cass!!!!

  3. Chels, my sister in law hates coconut and doesn't put it in. She said the sometimes it needs a little more flour but not much! Send your recipes my way!

  4. i love cass to, she is the best.

  5. You girls are so great. I am glad to see that you two are still so close! I don't think I ever saw you two apart in High School. Gotta love those La Nichee hair pieces :) I can't say that I miss them.

  6. Hi you don't know me but I am a friend of Cass (we were roomies in London) and my in laws last name is Horsley so I had to click on the link when I saw it on her sidebar- I promise Cass can vouch for me that I am not a creeper. Anyway, I just have to say that was a darling post and I loved seeing the old pics of Cass. I agree she has such great enthusiasm and excitement and passion for life and good things.

    (PS- is that weird that I commented? if yes, just delete this I won't feel bad, my blog is private so I don't get random comments and therefore I don't really know the blog etiquette!)

  7. I love Cassi too. Happy Birthday Chels. I feel like you are my little sister too.
    (by the way, this is Cami, not Steve.)

  8. Haha, those pictures are so great. It's fun to see where you guys have been and where you are now. Two BEAUTIFUL friends!

  9. chels,

    you are an exceptional thoughtful and loving friend. you two remind me of my best friendships. they are hard to come by but when you do find those unique friendships, they bring a level of happiness and joy you never thought possible. i'm so glad you guys have stayed close all these years....and that you married best friends!! that has always been a dream of mine. sammy and jason tried really hard to make that happen, but luckily they have become such good friends with tyler.

    PS...performing at the club was si fun! we had a huge crowd. i'll have to tell you all about it. we are performing there again this friday. i'm excited:)

  10. Hey Chels,
    Long time no see it seems!!! Well I finally have put together a blog but I haven't had a chance to put pics on there yet so give me a few days! Your happy birthday tribute to cass is darling! Happy birthday to you too! We need to get together soon!!!

  11. I know how bad it sucks to have your best friends or favorite older sister live in different states. No- but I still have a couple here. Honestly Chelsey you are so photogenic. You guys were so darling growing up together and it was fun to take a look at the past. That was such a sweet little tribute. ~Lars

  12. Hey Chelsea!
    Its Catherine (Jones) Smith. Long time . . . I know. I came across your blog awhile ago and its been so much fun to see what you have been up to. I love the blogging world. Your little Tate is a doll. I'm definitely excited to check out your cute "clippies" blog when you get it set up. My little girl is almost a year and a half and she's pretty bald. Glad to see you are doing so well.
    Much Love to you!

  13. Those pictures are so cute! Love the La Nichee' pic - good times. You girls are such cute friends!!!

  14. I'm speechless... hence the entire week it took me to comment! ;)

    All I can say is that I laughed and cried when I read this post last week, I wanted to go back in time and be young and careless... such good times and I have such good friends and the best, best friend anyone could have. I do have to confess that I probably have three times MORE pictures of us throughout the years than Chels has. You're so thoughtful Chels, one of the most thoughtful people that I know. Thanks for the awesome birthday post... and for making it possible for the whole world to see how I looked with braces in the ninth grade!! :) Love you! xoxoxoxox

  15. Love the post! Fun to think I have known you all those years... good ol' dancing days. Why the heck didn't you girls invite me to Powell?? Just kidding... cute post... and darling baby! I like being able to know what's going on with my old friends.


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