posted on: 9.04.2007

The Wedding Dinner...
The wedding was beautiful! Unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures of the ceremony because I was a bridesmaid, but it was absolutely gorgeous! They wrote their own vows, and my sister in law Amber read a poem she wrote for them- it was really sweet.
Enjoying Dinner and finally relaxing after a crazy day of waking up earlier than usual, bathing, playing and entertaining Tate, helping get the bride ready, and posing for way too many pictures!

This was the ceremony site- there was the view of the valley in the distance and a beautiful pond behind where they stood. Cute Wy was so helpful all weekend- watching, feeding, and playing with Tate the whole time while I attented to all my "bridesmaid duties".

The flowers were stunning!! Gorgeous dark purple, almost black calalillies, with cabbage like roses, and lots of greenery. How neat are these tin baskets they had hanging from the chairs at the dinner!

The Head Table- the bride and groom, my dad, mom, Shan's dad Nihal (looking away), the best man Cook, Shan's mom Malika (also looking away), & Hilda the maid of honor & our adopted sister.

Tate practicing her dancing for later! She is really into bobbing her head to music right now- I'm loving it!

All in all the weekend was fun- extremely tiring, but fun! I've learned something from this weekend and that is if you are going to travel long distance with your child try to stay at the destination for more than 2 days! Wyatt and I are regretting not staying longer- with all that you have to pack for your baby it's not worth it unless you can really unwind and have at least 5 or so days to just chill before you have to pack up and do it all over again. I think we both need a vacation from our vacation!

Congrats Heather & Shan- have fun in Italy!


  1. That looked like a gorgeous, gorgeous wedding. The scenery is amazing. You have a beautiful family. And Tate, she is darling! You dress her so cute, and that smile, oh that smile...

  2. Okay- I tell you what. Next time you go on vacation you can send Tate to Boston!! Then you can really relax! :) I have a feeling that you would miss her way too much! What an awesome wedding. I will have to hear more about it on the phone. I can not WAIT to see Tate at Christmas, I can barly stand it. She is to die for.

  3. okay, you look cute and so does Wyatt, but Tate wins. that dress she is wearing at the wedding is ADORABLE. where can I find a little larger size for Annie? Could you be my personal shopper?

  4. What a great little family picture and your baby is beautiful! I love her name too! So good to hear from you guys. It's so fun to see all these pictures of people I have not seen in years..


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