posted on: 9.04.2007

"Pike's Place" Public Market
Pike's Place is one of our favorite spots in Seattle. I love looking at all the fish, fruit, flowers, chocolate, and people! We bought some chocolate covered almonds that were to DIE for!! What is it about these outdoor markets that is so charming? I sware I would eat more fruits and veggies if I could buy them from a cute little market like this!! Sunflowers, daisies, mums, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies, & roses!!
Me and Wy by the "flying fish" stand where the men pull pranks on the tourists and crowds of people stand to watch them throw dead fish around?!! Gross!


  1. such a cute couple. what a neat place.

  2. Oh, remember when we went there and the San Juans? That was awesome. I want to do that again one day. I miss boating!


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