posted on: 9.22.2007

More Birthday Celebrations... sort of
On the 20th was Tate's 8 month birthday, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures, and her latest milestones...
cutting her 1st tooth, getting a cool new helmet, saying "da-da", phasing out of her morning nap (dang!), finally fitting into any shoes and her 1st pair of jeans, biting people, dancing to "Stayin' Alive", doing 360's in her crib, and discovering a love for tupperware & the laundry basket! She is growing up way too fast I think, but not too fast for me to want another newborn- not yet at least!

hahaha!!! This one cracks me up! You'd never guess she was 3 pounds when she was born right?! She looks like such a chunk in this picture, it's so funny! This was the first day we got her helmet and she thought it was pretty cool- not so much anymore though. darn.

We discovered the laundry basket this week! She discovered she loved it, and I discovered it's a great seat for her when I'm doing laundry. I love how she holds on to it like it's a ride!

A new carseat!! Yeah!! It's still a little big for her, but she'll grow into it in no time I'm sure.

Tate reading her favorite book at Porcupine " Baby Goes Shopping"- we're starting her out early to be a little fashion diva!! Yikes! It really is her favorite though? I promise I didn't force it on her!


  1. Tate is just the most darling little thing! I just want to squeeze her. I love all the pictures - especially her just chilling reading her "shopping" book. And, how fun that she's saying "da da"! Happy 8 months! :)

  2. Chels,
    You've got to train them early to enjoy to shop. When I ask Eliza what she wants to do some days she usually yells. "Shoppin" I'm sure Tate will follow in her moms lead of being a fashionista! 8 months flies by. I just remember hearing about her coming early into the world. You should post about Tate and her early entrance into the world I've never heard the story I just heard she was a little preemie.

  3. ok so i need help with that car seat. I have the same one but i have not used it...i've had it for 2 months now. I don't think i know how do install it right. Call me!

  4. Tate is such a doll! I'll have to get Haylee that book. She loves to go shopping with mommy :)

  5. I love that pic of her looking at a book, I can't believe she's that big! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXO right on Tate's cheeks!!!!

  6. Okay, so of course I think my neice is the most darling thing ever -- but the first pic of her with the helmet looks suspiciously like Chris Farley :) Shan and I laughed so hard we were crying....darling pics Chels. I'll get the word out about the clips, they are darling.


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