posted on: 9.26.2007

I made Wyatt his favorite breakfast this morning- German Oven Pancakes...yum!
...Today is Wyatt's birthday and I am so excited! He NEVER buys anything for himself, so I love to spoil him on his birthday!
In case he is reading (and so you all can read about what a stud he is) I just wanted to say a few things about why I'm so happy I'm married to him...
- He is the best father to our little girl (he's a sucker for girls)
- He ALWAYS treats me with respect and always has
- Let's be honest here, he's WAY smarter than me!
- He encourages me and supports everything I do
- He is such a hard worker & never says no when anyone calls him for help with something (I think he helps someone move or clean their yard every Saturday!)
- He's usually the first to apologize, he's too sweet to stay mad (or maybe I'm just too irresistible to stay mad at- hahaha)
-He knows how much I hate the mornings, so he wakes up most mornings and feeds Tate for me
- He is an awesome cook
- He is such a beautiful pianist (he's going to be so embarassed when he reads this)
- He is hilarious! Most of you know him as the shy guy... oh no, not at home!! He's constantly imitating people, and doing funny dances around the house!!
- He "gets it"
- He never says no when asked to tickle my arm (which is about every night, and some mornings!)
- He appreciates beautiful things, whether it be a place, a building, a piece of art, or a plate of food. He doesn't feel dumb commenting about it and I love that
- He has super good style!
- He understands that some days I just need to go shopping
- He's so, so kind to his family no matter what the circumstance
- He takes me on dates every weekend
- He is very determined- when he sets a goal, he meets it
- Even though he didn't grow up fixing things around his house he'll fix anything here. He learns how to do it and then it's done
- He never asks me to take the garbage out- yeah!!!
- He really is the sweetest man I've ever known- really
Okay, now that I've completely humiliated him... I just want to say I love you so much Wy & I hope you have a great day!
Happy 27th!!!


  1. Chels- I know I don't really know you but seriously you are one of the sweetest wives I know. Wyatt should be so happy about your birthday post for him. Happy Birthday! What a heartful post. I loved reading it!

  2. AMEN to that chels!! As his sister and #1 fan....i could not agree more. i think part of the reason i was single for so long is because no one lived up to Wy. Happy Birthday Brother!

  3. What a great Husband, I think I need my husband to read this post. Especially the part about, sometimes you just need to shop! Happy Birthday Wyatt!

  4. Tell Wyatt Happy Birthday from us! It was great to see you. Sorry that i had to rush off so fast! And i LOVE my felt bows. Seriously i think i need so many more!

  5. Hey you, I can't believe what a sweet little wifey you are. Happy Birthday Wyatt, you're a lucky man. It sounds like he's pretty good to you too!!

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