posted on: 9.04.2007

3 hour road trip...
After we flew into Seattle we had a 3 hour drive to the wedding destination in Leavenworth, Washington. It's a gorgeous drive through the mountains of Eastern Washington, but it was a little tiring for poor Tate who had just been so patient on the plane! Little did she know (or us) it was going to be go-go-go the whole time when we got there. Being a part of a wedding is exhausting!
We stopped about halfway and let Tate get out of her car seat to be held and played with a little. She never forgets to smile for the camera! ( Sounds familiar?!)

Finally there! We pulled in to greet our fam already relaxing outside and enjoying the much welcomed cooler weather! But not long after we got there it was time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner at the barn...

The Frandsen Family gals! Me, mom, Heather, Brooke & Amber all dolled up and ready to party!... and eat!

Best friends... my cousins- Max, Eli & Annie Rose


  1. Everyone looks so adorable. What beauties!

  2. Oh and I love that picture of Wy holding Tate (he's looking at her) she looks SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  3. What a pretty wedding! Everyone looks so beautiful! I haven't seem Amber forever! Tell her hi from me and let her know that she should start a blog! We should all get together will out little girls!


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