100 things you didn't know about me...

posted on: 9.07.2007

Okay, so I got this email from my sister in law that was titled "100 things you didn't know about me". I thought it was so funny and I wanted to see if I could come up with my own. I sent the email out last week and apparently people think I'm quite a quirky person! I thought I'd post it and share it with my blogging buddies. You gotta give me credit here- some stuff I swore I would take to the grave!
Here We Go!
1. I am supposed to be packing right now for a trip tomorrow! I haven't even started and it's 11:36 pm. 2. I ALWAYS pack last minute- I am great at it. I throw in EVERYTHING I might possibly need and that way I know I won't forget anything! 3. I have tried/ been enrolled in many different lesson type things (most of which I never stuck to)... Ski Jump lessons, horse back riding, piano ( I regret this one most), guitar- I made out with my guitar teacher, I was in highschool he was 25! (he might have been a loser), soccer, softball, gymnastics, track ( I did win for the 4 by 1), high jumping, and hair school- I finished but never practiced 4. I clean Tate's ears and nose out, and lotion her up several times a day- can you say OCD?! 5. My nickname in highschool was Mudd 6. One year at "Scout Arama" with my dad I beat every single boy at the arm wrestling booth! I was only 10! 7. I write a thank you note for everything- I mean everything 8. I used to have a sexual offense on my record... don't worry, the police made a huge mistake- I promise I'm not a sicko!! You'll have to ask me about the story ( I was 7 by the way) 9. I failed Chemistry... twice!! 10. I am a hopeless romantic 11. I see the world only in black and white- something is either absolutely fabulous, or completely miserable 12. I've danced for 12 years 13. When I was 6 I proposed to my neighbor- he was 16 and a total hunk 14. In my car you could find- a Banana Republic shopping bag, a Babinski's shopping bag, a brush, mirror, deodorant, my comfy red shoes (just in case my feet ever hurt in the shoes I'm wearing), rain jacket, umbrella, 4 pairs of sunglasses, earrings, about 5 water bottles, and an extra set of clothes in case I spill ( for me and Tate)... all of which has it's own place and is completely organized! 15. I had a "save the world" club in elementary and I wrote a letter to George Bush 16. I also had a gymnastics club and I told my friend she couldn't be a part of it unless she wore " Gap" the next day... she did!! 17. I was a little bit of a brat back then 18. But I still LOVE dressing myself up and anything having to do with fashion 19. I only gained 13 pounds during my pregnancy- yes, I did eat (keep in mind Tate was only 3 lbs) 20. My favorite thing about Tate is how easily she smiles 21. I love to spy on people, and did on just about everyone in highschool ( I did it in a gorilla suit so I wouldn't be discovered)! 22. Wyatt is going to write the next 15 because he is convinced he knows me better... (Things she wouldn't tell you) 23. Chelsea literally takes an hour and a half to get ready. She looks awesome when she is done but an hour and a half!?!? (it's me- okay... what an exaggeration!- he doesn't know what he's talking about- 50 minutes max, maybe and hour and 10 minutes including getting Tate ready) 24.Chelsea has an alter ego named ED. I gave her this name in jest while we were dating because she has serious bowel issues-I can't explain further unless I want to sleep on the couch tonight. 25.Chelsea turns on all the lights in our house everyday as soon as she wakes up because she thinks it is welcoming. (Not to mention expensive) 26.I have never never never met anyone with more temperature control issues-she bursts into uncontrollable sweats at 76 degrees and needs to put a sweater on at 74 degrees. 27.Despite the fact that chelsea rarely exercises, she is still stronger than both of her sisters that have personal trainers. 28.Other than my sister Maddie, I have never met anyone who likes eating out more than Chelsea. 29. As much as she gets frustrated with it and probably wouldn't admit it, Chelsea is a born primary chorister. Her lessons are ridiculous. 30. In the battle between practicality and living in the moment, the moment will always win for Chelsea. 31. Chelsea loves to communicate in absolutes: I am always rude or the greatest person she has ever met. Depending on the moment. 32. In a conversation the other day, mind you that this is a true story, Chelsea informed me that she had always thought that the ozone layer was one of the layers beneath the ground not in the atmosphere. She thought the ozone was being degraded by garbage in the landfills that was seeping down into the ozone and destroying it. 33. Unlike anyone that I have ever met, Chelsea has a knack for making people feel comfortable and welcome-she could smile and make conversation with a 2 year old or a 92 year old. 34. Chelsea refuses to let me drive because she thinks I am slow and boring. She is practically blind without her glasses(which she refuses to wear while driving) and has been known to text while driving. 35. While many mothers complain about or at least insinuate that they get sick of their kids, Chelsea plays and cuddles with Tate from the moment she wakes up until the moment she puts her down for bed. 36. Chelsea went from a blogging basher to blogging missionary. She has tried to convert all of her friends. 37. Chelsea is one of a small handful of people that has been convinced by advertisers that buying something on sale actually saves you more than not buying it at all. 38. Okay, it's me again... I am not a very good cook, but I make some mean cookies 39. I thought dry white wine could be found on the baking isle in a powder form. I had no idea the recipe was referring to real alcohol. 40. I have NEVER tried alcohol, or any kind of drug- and I am so proud of it! 41. I cry almost every time I laugh 42. I have kissed less people than my husband- but still kissed way too many 43. I could have breakfast for every meal- especially french toast 44. I don't read the newspaper, or watch the news 45. I do watch E! though, does that count? 46. I love to read- my favorite character is James from James and the Giant Peach 47. I never go a day without showering, washing my hair, or doing my makeup 48. Last time I went to Coldstone creamery I got cotton candy ice cream with sprinkles on top- it's my new favorite! 49. I don't have a cell phone, Ipod, credit card, debit card, check book (I don't even have my own bank account) 50. My dream is to be a childrens author 51. I still wouldn't trade being a mother for that though 52. In my marriage the roles are a little reversed- I am ALWAYS telling Wyatt exactly how I feel (no hinting), and he beats around the bush a little 53. I only have 1 child and I really want a cleaning lady. I can't keep up. ( I might have a small case of OCD though) 54. I once went 2 years without registering my car 55. After maxing out my American Eagle credit card in highschool I have NEVER had another credit card 56. I love to write 57. I wish I was more outdoorsy, I kind of HATE the outdoors 58. I really don't like animals either, I never want any pets- poor Tate 59. I worry already about Tate getting good grades, who she'll marry, and if she'll still like me in 15 years 60. I think I married the sweetest man 61. I have a huge fear of being murdered... I dream about it 5 nights a week 62. I am scared of the dark, and our basement (which is finished even!) 63. I take 4 Ibuprofen almost every day & a migraine pill once a week 64. I think someone in the CIA is spying on me- they are evaluating me to see if I should be a secret agent 65. I really hate when women get together and bash on their husbands, it makes me feel so bad. 66. My most embarassing moment was when I went to (and stayed at) the wrong wedding shower. Half way through I realized it was a baby shower and that's why I hadn't recongnized anyone. The real shower I was supposed to be at was down the street. 67. I was a Chi Omega 68. I can flare my nose bigger than anyone else I've ever met- it's quite gross actually 69. Sometimes I plan my outfits out days in advance - I love the creativity of clothes! 70. There is nothing I'd rather wear than a skirt. 71. I love, love, love to decorate my house 72. When Tate was born early I was mostly worried that her bedroom wouldn't be "magical" when she saw it for the 1st time 73. If I could move anywhere it would be the Northwest. I LOVE the rain. 74. I was captain of the drill team- go Lanichees! 75. I think men with French accents are gross 76. English accents are very hot though 77. While most people need 8 hours of sleep, I cannot function with less than 10 78. I blast the music in my car and sing out loud to it 79. My house is always picked up, but you can't even see the carpet in my closet 80. I have more clothes than anyone else I know- it's a little sad 81. One of my guilty pleasures in an "Us" magazine, with a diet coke 82. I always get my dressing on the side, but I never pour it on the salad, I dip my fork in it 83. When I eat frosted mini wheats I start by pouring the milk in the bowl, then I add the cereal one by one just to ensure they don't get soggy 84. My husband thinks I am VERY weird 85. I hate chinese food, but I think little chinese kids are the cutest- I want one 86. Even when I'm home I rarely answer the phone, or get the door ( don't ask me why, I'm actually very social) 87. I love going on walks with Wyatt and Tate around our neighborhood 88. While most people look forward to the fall season for the cooler weather and beautiful colors, I look forward to the fall because I get to wear boots and new fall sweaters!! 89. I regret voting for Bush 90. I should have been born in the 50's- I love wearing floral aprons when I cook, greeting Wyatt at the front door when he comes home, ice cream parlors, and white picket fences! 91. I won the "Reflections" contest in highschool for a story I wrote ( I was too embarassed to attend the state competition though) 92. I keep a journal and have every year since the 5th grade. 93. I know it sounds wierd, but I don't fart or burp ( really, ask Wyatt) 94. I don't like fruit or veggies 95. I think people might think I am sweeter than I am. 96. I sleep with my alarm clock on the bed behind my pillow, so I don't have to reach too far to press snooze. I press snooze about 6 times 97. I am ALWAYS running late, but I've gotten better since I've had Tate 98. I am the person at the scary movie that you are "shooshing" because I scream so loud 99. I can't even garden in open toed shoes because I HATE bugs, and even the grass brushing against my feet drives me crazy 100. I listen to Christmas music year round- it's so cheerful, I love it!
** By the way- I want to read everyone's list on their blog, it's only fair!!


  1. oh the joys of blogging. i love skipping from one to the next, to the next and then finding a long lost lovely person who you think the world of (that's you.) what a DARLING little lady you have. congratulations. you are just as beautiful and stylish as ever and i am sure you are still as, if not more, kind and funny. that wyatt is one lucky man, you tell him i said so and hi too. good job on your beautiful daughter.

    much love, marcie "active bodell" busath

    (still embarrassed that i made you guys call me that)
    ps: i heard you work with my CRAZY friend melissa. have fun with that;)

  2. I found this hysterical since I only really knew you as a kid and some things are the same and some things are so different than I remember you!

    I have to say that I don't believe you about the cell phone or bank account! What if you are driving and you or Tate have an emergency and you have to call someone?! You need a cell phone, lady!!

  3. Chelsea- That is a great list you have compiled. I do however think I have you beat on #28!! I liked the idea of having Wyatt write a few, and I can't believe you don't have a cell or credit cards. Who carries around cash anymore$$$??? Anyways, cute list and I wish I had a wardrobe like you!!


  4. oh p.s.- I think we are more alike than I ever thought. I am OCD to the mAX too with my house and like cleaning my hands and stuff. It's a curse!!! ( But a good one i guess)

    Keep smilin


  5. Chels,
    loved the list. #66 is pretty hysterical though! I with I could be more of a neat freak and stay super organized all the time.

  6. ok that just make my day. Ok so the cell phone makes sense cause i've text you a couple times and no response. that is kinda sad for me. love the blogger basher comment!

  7. ok that just make my day. Ok so the cell phone makes sense cause i've text you a couple times and no response. that is kinda sad for me. love the blogger basher comment!

  8. Chelsea,
    You are the cutest person! You do have a way of making friends whether they are 2 or 92! I LOVE that your hubby added those things to your list, it was so fun to read and now I need to meet Wyatt! You are the cutest thing and such a cute little mommy! I need to come to Babinski's! Oh and by the way, that wedding was beautiful and I loved that color on you gorgeous! I love that we are such tight blogging buddies!
    LOve Kate

  9. Chelsea-
    I am so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find your cute blog.
    I looked over the list and remember some of those things about you and learned some new things. You get more and more beautiful as the years go on. Your little girl is absolutely following in your footsteps, she is gorgeous and is always dressed well!
    I hope you don't mind, I added you to my blogging buddies.
    -Melanie Barton Sanders

  10. I seriously laughed out loud. How did you get your hubby to participate? #25 is totally Josh and I. Thanks for sharing the "real" you!

  11. Funniest thing I've read in a while. You are one great woman! Maybe you should give the keys to Wy when you've got your Baby on Board!

  12. Chelsea,
    Hey it's Michelle Moore (Gratzinger)
    I am a new blogger and found yours! You are so funny, I loved the 100 things. Your little Tate is darling and I love the creative flowers for her helmet, I am sure she feels much better with them in! Anyways, it is fun to be able to see how everyone is doing!

  13. I regret voting for bush too.


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