posted on: 8.12.2007

Rub-a-dub-dub, Tate's in the tub... shower?
So, we have this little problem with our otherwise fabulous bathroom- it doesn't have a tub! We have been bathing Tate in a little plastic portable tub, but now that she's figured out how fun splashing is it's become really hard. Wyatt thought he'd try her out in the shower!!
ps- Wyatt does have shorts on in that picture :)
It was really funny, and surprisingly she didn't mind it! Luckily we are in the process of putting another bathroom in the basement for her- This one will have a tub!


  1. So cute!

    Okay, yes, life without Edward is just not nearly the same! I told myself I couldn't start Eclipse because there's no stopping once you start! But I am more than jealous of you! Did you see the Des News yesterday? There was a huge article on the author...she said book #4 will be out next year...and that there will be more than 4 books total. Our poor husbands! :)

  2. Oh Showers are fun with babies, especially when they get all soaped up you feel like their going to slide right out of your arms. I bought a mini inflatable tub to put inside our tub when Eliza was in that inbetween phase. That would probably work great for you in the meantime before you have a real tub. They have them at Babies R Us.

  3. Wow! She is so darling and getting so big. We need to get our little ladies together soon. I'm proud of you for taking an overnighter...I haven't got the guts up to do more than a 1/2 day. Hopefully I will soon...we sure need it!

  4. so cute!! what a fun thing to do!! I love seeing pictures of your cute little one!!

  5. Hi Chels! Tate is so big- I can't believe she's already taking showers! :) Looks like you guys had fun in Park City- I need to start reading all these books you're loving!! I have a lot of catching up to do! Reading while driving Chels? Only you! ;)


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