A Perfect Date...

posted on: 8.19.2007

Tony Bennett at Deer Valley Resort
Wyatt and I had such a fun time on Saturday night! We went to see Tony Bennett in concert at the Deer Valley Resort. Something Wyatt and I share is a love for this type of music, so we jumped at the chance to see this great legend in concert! We were worried it would get rained out, but it was perfect weather. We sat on the grass with a view of the valley & during the concert in the distant was an amazing lightning storm! It was just a perfect night! A view from our seats... pretty far away but we didn't mind. We just layed on the grass, looked at the stars and listened to the great music!
Loungin' before the concert
Thanks Wy for such a fun date!


  1. How fun! I love Tony! And Deer Valley is just so beautiful.

  2. Hey, no fair. I love Tony Bennett too! How fun! That would be the perfect date night, I wish I'd have known! Hey, I saw Twilight and Eclipse on your book list. I am just starting on Twilight! I am like the last person to start that book, but it is so fun and good! How is Eclipse? I haven't heard much yet about it.

  3. Cute Chelsea! I found your blog from Alyssa's. Fun times! Check me out www.amyisbuff.blogspot.com Loves, Amy Carlston


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