posted on: 8.17.2007

Miss Tate Scarlet...
I really can't help it- she's too cute! We were just lounging around today and I thought I'd do a little photo shoot...
Gotta love those curls!

It seems she is getting more curious about crawling?!

Her new trick... sitting up!


  1. Tate is absolutely beautiful. Tate Scarlet. A beautiful name too! I'm so impressed with your cute little family.

    In answer to your question, yes, LaVar is steve's uncle. What a small world. We'll make sure to tell LaVar about the connection, next time we see him.

  2. Okay those are the cutest pictures ever!! what a cute little girl you have.. i love photoshoots :) so much fun!!

  3. So cute! I need to get finnley to try sitting up. :) Its sad that they are getting so big, but at the same time they are so much more fun and so stinkin' cute!

  4. She is like a real life doll. So, so cute. What about those curls? P.S. I have Twilight and will start reading tomorrow. Thanks for the tip! Love, Cami

  5. Chels,
    She is gorgeous!
    Aren't little girls the best!

  6. Chelsea! email me at!!

    What a DARLING little gal you are!

  8. Tate is so darling! Chels, we really need to get London and Tate together for a play date. You look beautiful as always!

  9. I saw your name on Sammy's blog . . . and I clicked and found your family . . . I am not sure if I can comment on a blog I don't really know, I hope you don't mind but I had to comment on your little one. She is gorgeous! I am sure many people tell you that, but she really is! What a good mix of you two!

  10. Whatever! She is so big and so darling! I've got to come see you two!

  11. Chelsea,
    Your baby is adorable! So much fun. I love her name Tate too...we were about to name ours Lilian Tate, but decided on a family name instead. I still love the name. So fun to see your blog & fam.


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