Mini Vaca...

posted on: 8.11.2007

Park City
So this week we took a mini vacation to our condo in Park City. Even though it's not far away it still felt like we were on vacation, which was so nice!

My mom, Tate and my sister Brooke laying out by the pool- the weather was the perfect, not too hot!

Tate loves laying out just like her mom! j.k- she has 50 sunblock on & lasted about 30 seconds in the sun!

Smiling as usual...

Tate was so funny in the water! Once she realized it wasn't scary and was just like a giant bathtub she went crazy splashing everyone! She was swollowing so much pool water, but she didn't even care!


  1. Isn't it amazing how a short little getaway can be so refreshing! Park City is such a great getaway. Last weekend we did a Deer Valley vacation and I really enjoyed the mini- vacation concept. Not as much prep work as the whole week long gig and yet you still like you got a little break from the daily grind even though you are 30 minutes from home!

  2. Chelsea, You are the cutest little Mama! Thank you for saying hi on our site. I was so excited that you visited...I am a new blogger, so when I find out people I love see it, it makes blogging more fun! Your daughter is sooooo darling. And I love her name. She is precious, you have such a cute family. I am going to put your link on my blog, I love you...and I will come in to Babinski's soon, it has been way too long! Love Katie Christensen


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