posted on: 8.23.2007

"Helmet Head" hoo!
No, she's not wearing a doo rag!! She has Plagiocephaly- also known as flat head syndrome, and this is a nylon cap she had to wear for her head scan today.
When she came home from the Nicu we noticed it. It's really common for premies I guess just because their skulls aren't fully developed yet. We have just been watching it, hoping it would improve on it's own...but it hasn't. We saw a specialist at Primary's and he suggested she wear a helmet for 3 months!! 23 hours a day for the first 2 months and just at night for the last month.
I guess we are a little sad, but I don't think it's a huge deal. I just feel bad for her considering how much she's already been through. It's only 3 months though, and in the long run it will be well worth it.
Today we went to the prosthetic doctor and he scanned her head to fit the helmet. Luckily the helmet won't be ready for about 10 days which means she won't have to wear it for my sisters wedding- which is next week.

Here is a picture of what the helmet will look like. Except her's will be white and I'm going to decorate it! Wyatt joked that we should "bedazzle" it, and I really think it would be so funny to add some bling to it! I definitely want to sass it up a little!


  1. Oh! Poor Tate. That kid has had a rough go coming into this world! She is so beautiful though, the helmet will not make any difference. She will be precious!

    I miss seeing you guys in SLC. I would love to call a girls night and all meet at Porcupine! That would be so fun. Oh well, at least I will get to see you in December!

  2. Oh poor Tate. For awhile we thought London would have to wear one. so good thing she started rolling early. I think you should modge podge the helmet. I have all the supplies if you need them. All you would need is to pick out the paper! Good thing she is so darn cute!

  3. Good luck with that. I'm sure it's well worth the sacrifice for several months. Who knows... you may start a fashion trend with that cute face in a fancy helmet.

  4. I think that sounds great. Tate is a beautiful little girl and I think she will be darling with the helmet on. Good luck!

  5. It's me again and i would LOVE to help. Doing projects is my favorite thing. I'll go to the craft store and get something for me to do as well. I am excited. Oh and Dru too, cause she always tells me she wants to modge podge! We'll have a podging party!

  6. Chels,
    Poor thing, 3 months will be over before you know it though. I'm sure her helmet will be the most stylish of all!

  7. Bedazzle it! That was my favorite comment. You guys are the cutest parents ever. It will make for funny memories....and she WILL start a little fashion trend with those good looks!

  8. Thanks for all your sweet comments everyone! I'll make sure and do a post when we decorate her new accessory!

  9. Hey Chelse...

    Why was she in ICU? How old is she now?

  10. Chels,
    Your little girl is the most beautiful little thing that i have ever seen.
    And i would love for you to peek at my blog... don't we love the bloggin world. To see what everyone is up to.
    Well good luck in the month to come with Tates little helmet.

  11. chelsea. tate is so freaking adorable it is ridiculous! my son was going to have to wear a helmet - the dr. is going to check next month to make sure he is in the clear. i say better to have a few months of helmet wearing than a lifetime of a weird-shaped head. it is more traumatic for the parents than the kid probably. anyway she is so beautiful. congrats!
    corinne (alyssa's sister)

  12. Oh, you'll just be getting her ready for when women's football becomes socially acceptable! No, seriously up at PCMC where I'm doing my clinicals there is a whole crew of cute helmets...she'll be darling.

    Oh, and the crazy subtenant noticed a leak in the kitchen air unit and didn't worry about cleaning it up, so when we got home the carpet was molding!!! Isn't that sick? We didn't even stay here until we tore the carpet out...

    Some folks are serious wierdys!!

    Let's get together soon:)

  13. You know a cute little girl in my ward had to wear a helmet for a few months too....and she just looked so cute in it! It also made her hair grow a ton! Tate is SO beautiful - and those shower pictures are too funny!


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