posted on: 8.21.2007

By Stephenie Meyer
I finished the 3rd book in the Twilight series a couple days ago! Very good! It took me longer to read than the others, I'm not sure if it's because I wasn't as into it ( I think it dragged a tiny bit), or because I was a little sick? Of course it was worth the time, but I didn't like it quite as much as the 2nd book. Oh well, I guess it's bound to happen- not ALL her books can have the same magic! All in all a great read... I can't wait until the 4th book comes out next year!


  1. I will FOR SURE have to read those books now. They look great. Thank you for your nice comments. Yes, Caleb is my brother. I am actually from Lexington, Virginia--Kentucky is right next door, though!

  2. Chels!
    I just finished New Moon today and I absolutely LOVED it. I am truly hooked in every sense of the word. I am sad to hear that Eclipse is not quite as riveting, but what can you do? I just got back from visiting my sister in Texas and I read the entire flight. I didn't even want to get off the plane when I landed because I was so enthralled! Tate looks adorable by the way. I love seeing your blog. Talk to you soon!

  3. I agree with the not-so-good part. New moon was intense and had my heart racing...this just didn't have the same effect. Oh well. I wonder how much longer they are going to put off the whole vampire thing...ya know? But, I agree...all good reads!


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