Road Trip...

posted on: 7.21.2007

So on the way home from Leavenworth we decided to pull over for a bit and take in some of the beautiful views. Just off a dense moss covered trail was this waterfall! You might think we had to hike a bit to get to it, but really it was just off the highway! It can't get much easier than that to see something stunning... We weren't really dressed for the occassion and we were all freezing, but who says we can't fake it for the camera!!
Here is my mom and Brooke on part of the trail. I thought this cobblestone wall was so charming. It reminds me of a backdrop in the movie Robinhood or something...

Heather... just being Heather Probably my favorite thing about Seattle are all the beautiful bays, and coves. I have always wanted to live in one of those homes on the water, with my own dock and sailboat to hop on any time I wanted. I'll keep dreaming...


  1. I love how you discribe places you love. I can just hear you talking.. "A dense moss covered trail"... you're very good at it and I love you for it! :)


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