Rice Cereal- Yummy! or not...

posted on: 7.08.2007

1st bite of "real food"! She's not too sure about it?
Her pooh face! She was grunting and crying the whole time- I wonder how she'll be when we bring on the veggies?!
All done!


  1. Oh my gosh! She is so dang cute! I am so glad you commented on the ol' blog- I am excited that I can see you guys on the blogging world! I hope everything is good- cute tate is a beauty!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHH! These are my first glimpses of Tate! I mean, of course I saw her annoucement pictures but now she is an actual baby and not a newborn! She is darling. You look great. I am so happy you have a blog. I hope all is going well for your cute family.

  3. hey guys!!! this Dee and Hailey Greenwood. Danielle told us you guys had a blog so we just had to check it out!! Tate is so cute. we need to all get together again soon

  4. Hey guys this is Aubrey and Ben Fullmer! Hailey told us you had a blog so we wanted to get on and say hi. Your little girl is absolutly ADORABLE! We hope we get to see you guys soon, we'd love to get together and go to dinner or something. Hope all is well!
    Fullmer Family


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